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Strip District
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You’ll find the Strip District, the “Strip” as its known locally, a very short ride of about 3 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh along Penn and Liberty Aves. This narrow “strip” of land is one of the most festive and active areas in Pittsburgh. The Strip is home to many vendors of fresh produce and meats, open air markets, souvenirs, clothing, candy, antiques,and list goes on. Nestled in between these merchants, you’ll find many restaurants offering cuisine of all types in many different settings and a few nightclubs, as well.
This area’s location and access to transportation made it ideal for industrial development in the early 1800’s. In fact, Andrew Carnegie got his start in the iron and steel industries at the Upper and Lower Union Mills at Smallman and 33rd Streets.ALCOA began in this area and George Westinghouse built his first factory here on Liberty Ave.In the late 1800’s local wholesale produce companies relocated in this area.
The character and history is still intact here comingling with all things current creating an exciting a festive environment and a great place to spend an afternoon. Visit website.