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Executive Chef Jessica Bauer: Altius Restaurant in Pittsburgh
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Executive Chef Jessica Bauer: Altius Restaurant in Pittsburgh
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Jan 7, 2018

As a Pittsburgh native, Jessica relocated to Michigan during high school where she began her restaurant experience. Her greatest joy was found in her family’s delight and support of her early cooking competency preparing her family meals. After graduating from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, Jessica was accepted to continue her culinary training at The Boca Raton Resort & Club. Most influential to her cooking style was working with Chef Gregory Waters at 27 Ocean Blue, a 4-star Mobil Travel Restaurant Review and 5-Diamond AAA Restaurant Guide. Waters' use of international cooking styles and his passion for upscale local ingredients allowed Jessica to gain firsthand experience that transformed her professional culinary artistry.

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How did you develop your love for cooking?

My cooking started as a necessity, my mom worked nights as a nurse and I wanted to help, I made thanksgiving dinner at 12. I was hooked.

How did you end up in or choose to work in Pittsburgh?

I was born in Pittsburgh and her until 10, a lot of family is here. I’ve been back 16 years. I always call it home.

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

I love pleasing people. The easiest way for me to please people is with fabulous food

What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

I love the Steelers. I love the people of Pittsburgh and how real they are.

Your thoughts on the future of Pittsburgh's foodie scene?

I want to be part of the ever growing industry. My favorite parts are the little guys, the small ethnic restaurants, that are always educating me and entertaining my palette.

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