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Dinosaurs In Their Time at Carnegie Museum of Natural History


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit is one of the museum’s core attractions. This unique exhibit is home to dozens of original fossils from throughout the Mesozoic Era (The Age of Dinosaurs) and the fossil skeletons are displayed in scientifically accurate recreations of their natural habitats.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Exhibits

Most of the fossils on display at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh are original artifacts and not replicas. They originate from one of the finest paleontological collections in the world. The display also uses up to date paleontological evidence to accurately reconstruct these colossal creatures’ appearance and behavior. Like the dinosaurs themselves, the habitats in Dinosaurs in Their Time are firmly grounded in scientific evidence.

The Dinosaur Fossil Displays Are Scientifically Accurate

Several of these skeletons—including those of the iconic dinosaurs Apatosaurus louisae, Diplodocus carnegii, and Tyrannosaurus rex—are holotypes, the original specimens upon which their respective species are based.

This is truly a trip back in time. The fossil displays are so accurate and well preserved or reconstructed that you can’t help but feel transported.

Did you know that the T. rex walked with their tails held off the ground and their backs horizontal?

In the Dinosaurs In Their Time exhibit, when species are exhibited together, they actually lived together—their fossils are found in the same rock formations, and in many cases, the same quarries.

Dinosaurs And Their Natural Habitats Come To Life!

Some of the dinosaurs will surprise you, as they may be bigger or smaller than you initially imagined. In the environments where you get to see a few various dinosaurs together this provides a real life comparison in how they size up to each other and who were the dominant species at the time.

Whether you’re a serious researcher, a teacher, a fan of dinosaurs or just curious, you won’t find a better experience than Dinosaurs In Their Time at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The Dinosaurs and their natural environments really come to life here and you’ll find every step fascinating.

Andrew Carnegie Brings A Dinosaur Home to Pittsburgh

Diplodocus carnegii lived hundreds of millions of years ago. Dippy the fossil was unearthed in Sheep Creek, Wyoming on one of the first days of July 1899. Andrew Carnegie funded the expedition that unearthed Dippy, and paleontologist John Bell Hatcher named the new species in honor of the investor himself.

When King Edward VII of England expressed an interest to Carnegie in acquiring a replica for what was then called the British Museum of Natural History in London, so launched a business of replicating Dippy the more-than-80-foot dinosaur for museums worldwide.

Forever interested in evolution and Darwin, Carnegie wanted to continue learning about the natural world and provide this education to the greater Pittsburgh community in order to help all of us better understand our own evolution as humans. In addition, sharing the knowledge derived from the digs, as well as sharing the literal skeletons and fossils, helped foster better diplomacy between the US and other nations. As a result, Pittsburgh has one of the largest dinosaur collections in the United States.

Visit the Paleolab At Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh

Be sure to stop by and visit the Paleolab as you prepare to enter the Dinosaurs In Their Time exhibit. Here, paleontologists clean, research and organize bones and fossils for future exhibits and recreations. The scientists are uncovering the past in front of your very eyes!


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