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Dinosaurs In Their Time at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Updated Mar 2, 2019

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit is one of the museum’s core attractions. This unique exhibit is home to dozens of original fossils from throughout the Mesozoic Era (The Age of Dinosaurs) and the fossil skeletons are displayed in scientifically accurate recreations of their natural habitats.

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Louis Anthony Jewelers Showroom

Louis Anthony Jewelers: A Family Affair

Updated Feb 26, 2019

In 1980, when Louis A. Guarino, Jr. began working in the jewelry industry in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, his interest was sparked and 10 years later the idea to open his own store came to fruition.

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Crossroads 1945-Now Exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Art

Updated Jan 5, 2019

The Crossroads exhibit currently on display at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art celebrates over 130 artworks created between 1945 and today. These unique works of art are separated into 8 categories each with their own separate point of entry in the museum. Each distinct grouping of artworks celebrates its own theme and personality and each stands on its own. However, they all come together to focus on artistic decision making as an urgent and vital form of thinking in the world.

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