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Photos From Left to Right: The Cartlon; Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Top Chefs in Pittsburgh Fuel Culinary Explosion

Mar 6, 2018

Over the past several years, downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas have blossomed into one of the most diverse and exciting dining scenes in the country. New restaurants are rapidly opening and - most importantly - have been met with enthusiasm and success, as well as the accompanying staying power.

Best Pittsburgh Restaurants Downtown

The dining options in Pittsburgh's downtown area truly represent a multi-national tour of some of the nest cuisines and recipes to found anywhere. Latin, American, Mediterranean, Italian and other combinations of world class dining are only a few steps from your hotel. We recently asked several downtown restaurateurs for their opinion and experience with the ever-expanding dining options.

Kevin Joyce of The Carlton shared: “When The Carlton opened in 1984 there were very few ne dining op ons in Downtown Pittsburgh. Downtown did not have a true "Steakhouse" before we opened our doors with the tag line of "Purveyors of Fine Meats and Fish." The more recent dining explosion in the past five years has really changed our culinary scene. Pittsburgh is now a tourist and dining destination. We have locally-grown talent using their entrepreneurial instincts to develop and grow great new concepts.”

David Montanez, of Las Velas, offers his perspective from Market Square, “To watch the growth of the downtown restaurant scene from Market Square these past seven years has been a privilege. I believe it was the change in Market Square that began ushering in the new downtown restaurant scene. Operating a restaurant in this ever-expanding restaurant scene is a blessing and I’m con dent the next ve to ten years will bring even more growth and eclec c op ons for the city.”

More of the Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Chef Sang Woo from the South Side’s famous Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar has a unique perspective. He was born in Korea but his family moved to Pittsburgh when he was ve years old. “I consider Pittsburgh to be my home. The people are so friendly and loyal. We continue to see the same faces in Nakama along with new faces of those who typically become our new followers. The scene in Pittsburgh is changing daily. We’re so fortunate to have such a diverse population which lends to the demand for new and innovative choices. It keeps the rest of us on our toes!”

Chef Jessica Bauer from Altius, high atop Mt. Washington, began cooking as a necessity while her mom worked nights as a nurse. After making Thanksgiving dinner for her family at the tender age of 12, she was hooked! She especially loves cooking in Pittsburgh. “I love pleasing people. The easiest way for me to please people is with fabulous food. I love the Steelers. I love the people of Pittsburgh and how real they are. I want to be part of the ever-growing industry. My favorite parts are the little guys, the small ethnic restaurants, that are always educating me and entertaining my palate.”

Peter Vauthy, Executive Chef at Red, the Steakhouse also loves cooking in the Steel City. “Pittsburgh was a familiar place for my brand of cooking. Good people who have a love for good food. We loved the location that we found and it such a great city it was the perfect match. The people of Pittsburgh are great. So eager to be friendly and helpful. I look forward to going out and meeting new people in new places. Everyone has a suggestion as to where to go next and I always love to have someone direct me to their favorite little spot. A true sign of a great city is when the people willingly are directing you to that hidden gem.”

While you’re visiting Pittsburgh, go ahead and start by trying out your favorite foods. Then try to experience as many restaurants as you can and enjoy delicious meals in a wide variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor, with all types of views, whether from the street or the mountaintop. And for you return visitors, there will certainly be a new destination to try that wasn’t here on your last trip!


Pittsburgh Restaurant Week

In an effort to showcase Pittsburgh’s dining destinations, Pittsburgh Restaurant Week has evolved as a concept throughout the city. Twice a year, both in January and then again in August, Pittsburgh restaurants offer special menus highlighting some of their best dishes at special prices that encourage you to visit as many as you can during the week-long festivities.

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