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Downtown Pittsburgh's Scenic Market Square

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Downtown Pittsburgh's Scenic Market Square

Published Sep 10, 2016
Updated Jun 6, 2017

Market Square is a traditional public square in Pittsburgh, PA. Located in the heart of downtown, Market Square welcomes residents, visitors, workers and families alike for a wide variety of events, fabulous restaurants and an opportunity to socialize and soak up the local vibe.

Downtown Pittsburgh Things to Do

The area now known as Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh was set aside by the Penn family during the initial development of Pittsburgh in the 1780’s. Market Square was initially designed and intended to serve as a welcome relief from the compact street grid of downtown Pittsburgh and for local residents to have a place to gather and enjoy a variety of events and things to do. In 1972, Market Square was officially designated by the city of Pittsburgh as its first historic district.

Market Square Pittsburgh Events

Throughout the year, various events are held at Market Square, including the always-popular Summer in the Square, as well as Mid-Week Music, Farmers Market educational programs for children, Irish Fair in the Square and the Christmas-themed Market Square Holiday Market each December. One of Pittsburgh’s most popular events is always Light Up Night, which is organized by the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership and held at Market Square each year on the day after Thanksgiving, serving as the official start of the holiday season.

Market Square Pittsburgh Restaurants

In addition to the wide variety of gatherings and events held here throughout the year, Market Square is also home to some of the best restaurants in downtown Pittsburgh. Las Velas, NOLA on the Square, Poros and Perle are all located in Market Square and offer fantastic menu variety, as well as some of Pittsburgh's best al fresco dining options. 

Whether you are just out for a stroll and some people watching, are looking for a place to have an enjoyable meal in the heart of downtown, or both, Market Square is an essential part of any visit to Pittsburgh and provides a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of a very busy downtown.

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