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Getting Around Pittsburgh

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Getting Around Pittsburgh

Published Apr 6, 2015
Updated May 20, 2017

How To Get Around Pittsburgh

Port Authority of Allegheny County is the public transit agency of the greater Pittsburgh area, providing bus, light rail, and incline service. Many of our bus routes offer service via Port Authority’s three exclusive busways – the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway, the South Busway and the West Busway. The I-279 North HOV lane is also used to provide service to areas north of the city.

Port Authority’s light rail system – commonly known as the T – serves Downtown Pittsburgh, the North Shore and destinations in many of the city’s southern neighborhoods and suburbs.

The historic Monongahela Incline, often called the Mon Incline for short, is an inclined railroad scaling the hillside to the city’s Mt. Washington neighborhood. One of only three inclines in operation, it is a rare transit offering. With connections to numerous bus and T lines at Station Square, the incline is used by commuters and locals as well as tourists seeking a unique skyline view.

Port Authority’s Trip Planner is your key to the system. Use Trip Planner at Port to find the route that gives you the fastest trip or the shortest walking distance. Schedules can be accessed online at or picked up at locations around Allegheny County, including Port Authority’s Downtown Service Center on Smithfield Street as well as Downtown subway stations.

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