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The Greatest Home Run Of All Time

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The Greatest Home Run Of All Time

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The Greatest Home Run Of All Time

Published Nov 14, 2013
Updated Feb 24, 2017

Bill Mazeroski will be a Pittsburgh legend forever. His home run to end the 1960 World Series against the New York Yankees is regarded by many in the sports world as the greatest home run ever hit.

Mazeroski played his entire career with the Pittsburgh Pirates through 1972. He debuted for the Pirates at the tender age of 17, in 1956. Originally a shortstop, he quickly moved to second base and became one of the greatest defensive players at that position to ever play in the Major Leagues earning the nickname “the glove.” He won eight Golden Gloves at his position.

"Maz" was a major part of two Pirates World Champion teams in 1960 & 1971. However, it was the home run he hit in the bottom of the ninth inning of game 7 of the 1960 series that made him a baseball legend and local hero.

The Yankees had rallied to tie Game 7 at 9-9 in the top of the ninth inning after Mickey Mantle drove in Bobby Richardson with a single. Yankees pitcher Ralph Terry was on the mound when Mazeroski hit a 1-0 pitch over
the Forbes Field left field fence to win not only the game but the World Series. This is the only time a World Series has ever been won in Game 7 by a home run.

This was the first time the Pirates had won the World Series since 1925.

Each year on October 13, nearly 200 Pirates fans congregate in the Oakland suburb at the site of the former Forbes Field and listen to a replay of the radio broadcast of that game by NBC broadcasters Chuck Thompson and Jack Quinlan.

This replay is timed so that the home run occurs at 3:36 pm, just as it did in 1960. Bill Mazeroski makes an oc- casional appearance at these gatherings. The spot where the ball sailed over the ivy covered fence is also marked by a plaque in the middle of Roberto Clemente Drive. A portion of the brick center field wall is still standing on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Bill Mazeroski was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

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