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 ABC's of Pittsburghese

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ABC's of Pittsburghese

Published Nov 14, 2013
Updated Feb 24, 2017

Pittsburgh is, without a doubt, one of the most historically significant cities in the US but has been able to remain perfectly contemporary at all times. We designed this book to direct you to some of the finest restaurants and destinations Pittsburgh has to offer. Don’t be bashful...jump right in. You’ll find the city to be very hospitable and easy to navigate (seriously!).

As you do jump in, make yourself at home and become a regular yinzer. The city is divided into various areas, each with its own unique personality, but each relevant to the other. It is just as quick and easy to end up on the Sahside, the Nor’shore or the Strip.

While you mingle with the locals you may hear an occasional word or phrase that is completely unfamiliar. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the more common phrases and encourage you to review it prior to embarking on any excursion.
So...before you go dahntahn for a nice mill, jumbo sammitch, an Arn, Stillers game or the Point, study the list below, put on your babushka and be sure not to get too gommed up while your aht!

Thank you for visiting Pittsburgh and letting us share it with you!

Kevin Yazell
Sheryl Sprigler

Aht: Out...I’m going out
Arn: Iron City Beer
Ats: That is
Babushka: A colorful, patterned scarf
Bahks: Box
Breffis: Breakfast
Buggy: Shopping cart Carline: Old street car line
Chipped Chopped Ham: Thinly sliced ham
Church Key: Bottle opener
City Chicken: Breaded and fried pork cubes on a skewer0
Cut: Slice of pizza
Dahntahn: Downtown

Dill: Deal
Et: Eaten
Filled: Field
Fillings: Feelings
Gommed Up: Dirty
Gumbans: Rubber bands
Gutcheez: Underwear
Hap: Quilt or blanket
Imp ‘n Arn: A shot of Imperial Whiskey chased with Iron City Beer.
Jaggers: Thorns
Jumbo: Bologna
Kranz: Crayons
Leggins: Snow pants
Mahs: Mouse
Mannies: Marbles
Mon: The Monongahela River or Incline
Mup-ere: Up here
Pahn: Pound
Paper Poke: Paper bag
Perch: Porch
Progie: Pierogie

Proll’em: Problem

Sammitch: Sandwich

Scroll: Squirrel

Spicket: Water tap

Squarsh: Squash

Stillers: Steelers

Tahrarn: Tire iron

Tahl: Towel
Worsh: Wash
Yinzer: Speakers of Pittsburghese
Yunz, Yinz, etc: You all

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