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Williamsburg NYC serves as a major nerve center of the Brooklyn borough and is well known as the pinnacle of hipster culture and fashion.

In the mid 1990’s, much like SoHo decades before, rents in Williamsburg were low relative to much of the rest of the city which attracted an eclectic group of artists and others that evolved into the epitome of hipster culture. Now, however, rents have risen and Williamsburg is one of the most expensive places to live in the NYC area.
With Brooklyn becoming one of the five boroughs of New York City and the completion of the Williamsburg Bridge five years later, in 1903, Williamsburg began enjoying and capitalizing on its proximity to Manhattan and its public transportation systems.

Many Hassidic Jews began moving to Williamsburg after World War II to escape the more rustic living conditions of the Lower East side and the area is still home to a significant number of Hassid families. This group works very hard to help the area retain its character.

Williamsburg is currently the home of a burgeoning indie rock music scene and is known as the birthplace of electro clash, a style of music that fuses 1980’s synthpop with 1990’s techno and electronic dance music. Some of the NYC area’s best record shops are located in Williamsburg.

Several historic landmarks as well as significant modern architecture can be found along the streets of Williamsburg NYC. It would be hard to find a more varied mix of residents anywhere in New York City. The wide array of shops and restaurants reflect the diverse interests and lifestyles of the locals here.

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