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The Bentley Hotel
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The Bentley Hotel
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500 E 62nd St
New York, NY 10065
(212) 644-6000
Stay at the boutique Upper East Side hotel to enjoy all of the style and flair that New York has to offer. Escape from the fast pace of Midtown Manhattan with a stay at the Bentley Hotel. With breathtaking views of the East River and of the 59th Street Bridge, the lavishly appointed guest rooms reflect that very elegance and sophistication, while also being within walking distance to some of the greatest destinations in New York City. The breathtaking views from our guestrooms are not the only thing we can boast of; enjoy a beverage at our lobby bar, to the Service Station restaurant, or head up to our penthouse restaurant - Prime at the Bentley to treat your taste buds, or pamper yourself with our designer toiletries before curling up in our premium bedding. Among the multitude of hotels in Manhattan, the Bentley has been ranked as one of the top rated hotels in New York. The convenient location and oasis of comfort featured in each guestroom creates a luxury hotel experience that shouldn't be missed.

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