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Party Face Play

Party Face Play

Stage II at City Center
January 11 - April 8


Watch as careful plans are upended when a young woman’s mother brings her own food to her daughter’s party – and also the right person to be her daughter’s new best friend. They put on their party faces and hope for the best, but when facades crack, secrets spill. Tears sprinkle and laughter roars as their revelry leads to revelation.

Party Face, written by the wickedly brilliant Irish playwright Isobel Mahon, is coming to City Center direct from Ireland where it continues to receive standing ovations in sold out theatres. Come see this hilarious and bitingly honest play about the lengths we go to convince people we’ve got it all together—and the love and acceptance we find once we allow the truth to expose our imperfectly perfect selves. It’s an invitation to celebrate life that you don’t want to miss.


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