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Union Square
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Located in Manhattan, Union Square is both a historic and important neighborhood in New York City. Since it is located in the heart of one of Manhattan's busiest areas, it's no surprise that there's no end in sight of things to do in Union Square!

A culturally-rich area, Union Square Park is always filled with performers, artists and public art. Almost every day the park has street performers dancing, bands playing and artists exhibiting their work. This is also where many of the best street chess players reside, if you've ever wanted to challenge them!


Campeon Sports Bar and Restaurant

Hyatt Union Square

The Strand Book Store

In the southern part of Union Square is the famous Metronome, a large public artwork that any visitor should see! There are also sculptures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, along with the every rotating display that artists exhibit!

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Union Square is also a popular shopping and dining destination in New York City. The Union Square Greenmarket is a farmers' market in Union Square that takes place Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Every week on these days, vendors come from all over and outside the state to sell products, including vegetables, apples, fish, cheese, and more! Being in the heart of Manhattan, there are (of course) plenty of options when it comes to Union Square restaurants. From taverns and bars to restaurants and cafes, there's always something to satisfy whatever it is you might be craving!

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If you're in Manhattan, Union Square is one of those places you definitely shouldn't miss out on! Whether it be just a stroll through Union Square Park or an extensive visit to the local shops and markets, you'll definitely enjoy your time here!