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Seaport District
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Seaport District
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As Manhattan's latest blooming neighborhood the Seaport District offers fun for nearly any occasion. The upscale restaurants, shops and museum exude the ambiance and significace of the areas rich and virant history and its role in the development of NYC. The South Sea Seaport mall, stores, and restaurants are another exemplary option in New York City.

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The Howard Hughes Corporation will revitalize the South Street Seaport district, protecting vital infrastructure and maintaining its history and sense of place. All of the buildings within the district will be preserved and reused for public enjoyment, with the treasured Tin Building lifted out of the floodplain and restored as a world-class food market. And the South Street Seaport Museum will be reinvented into a dynamic facility with long-term viability and public access to visiting ships.

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THE SEAPORT CULTURE DISTRICT, sponsored by The Howard Hughes Corporation under the planning and direction of architect James Sanders, AIA, is transforming the historic upland blocks of the Seaport from August to December 2015 through a series of activations developed by eight distinguished cultural partners, located in reimagined indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the area. The activations include exhibitions, art installations, projections, and 100+ free public programs.

It would be difficult to find a more enjoyable or essential destination in the city.

Photo Courtesy of the Howard Hughes Corporation