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Murray Hill is another peaceful enclave in the midst of a very busy city. Murray Hill serves as a perfect place for a stroll down the avenues, especially the wide and well landscaped Park Avenue.

The area’s boundaries were recently defined as being East 34th Street to the south, East 40th Street to the north, Madison Avenue to the west, and Third Avenue to the east.

Murray Hill is also home to many restaurants that provide a great mix of cuisine for their own appetite. 

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The colorful history of Murray Hill NYC goes back over 200 years and got its name from Robert Murray who owned a thriving import business and Murray’s Wharf on Wall Street.

He and his wife Mary, moved to the area, were members of wealthy New York City society and frequently entertained dignitaries passing through New York, such as George Washington. Mary’s most famous party was held on September 15, 1776 as the Battle of Manhattan was getting underway at Kips’ Bay.

Five British warships surprised the untrained colonial troops and sent them scattering northwest in disorderly retreat. British troops followed close behind, hurling insults at the undisciplined behavior of the Americans.

According to legend, Mary Murray invited the British commander General Sir William Howe and his men to rest and enjoy a pot of tea. Their time spent in the company of Mrs. Murray and her charming daughters allowed the Americans to escape. The next day, they would triumph over the British in the Battle of Harlem Heights.

As the city began to expand further uptown and encroach upon the area, in the mid 1800’s,the Murray family registered with the City Surveyor the Murray Hill Restriction which banned the building of any structures other than “brick or stone dwellings.” This restriction was the bane of real estate developers for the next 100 years. The restriction did not anticipate the development of apartment buildings and the neighborhood fought together against these developments many times with limited success.

Many notable citizens have lived in this area including John Pierpont Morgan and his son JP.

Today Murray Hill remains home to many wealthy older residents as well as young professionals. The thriving restaurant and bar scene along Third Avenue is testament to the younger demographic moving in.

Due to the proximity to the United Nations headquarters and the availability of old mansions, many countries operate embassies in the Murray Hill area.

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