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Manhattan NYC can basically be divided into three overall sections: Downtown, Uptown and Midtown. The nerve center and physical center of Manhattan is certainly Midtown. It is commonly divided into Midtown East and West along Fifth Avenue. Many of New York City's iconic landmarks and destinations are located in this Midtown area.

Midtown NYC consists of the area south of 59th Street, east of the Hudson River, west of the East River, and though its southern border is less clear, many consider it to be somewhere near 30th St.

Midtown is certainly the busiest part of town and home to most of the cities largest and busiest buildings. Rockefeller Center, Times Square and the Theater District, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the United Nations are just a few.

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Times Square, the Theater District, Fashion District, Murray Hill, Broadway, Hell’s Kitchen,Turtle Bay, Chelsea and several smaller districts such as the diamond district and Herald Square all come together as a part of Midtown. The retail stores up and down much of Fifth and Madison Avenues are also a part of Midtown NYC.

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Nearly anything a person could want to see or do can be found within the confines of Midtown NYC and it is certainly one of the most exciting places in all the world. It is the standard from which all else is measured. You can see the world go by from the ground, on the busiest sidewalks to be found, or from the sky atop the Empire State Building...or both. All in the same day!