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Meatpacking District
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The Meatpacking District is a 20 square block, 24-hour neighborhood on the West Side of Manhattan, flanked by Chelsea Market to the north and Horatio Street to the south. The Meatpacking District history has been a fascinating part of NYC and the neighborhood offers a vivid and thorough look into New York’s past, present and future.

Fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists and creative industry corporate headquarters have moved in alongside meatpacking plants, creating a destination known for cutting edge fashion, design, food, and culture. There's a near endless amount of exciting options when it comes to shopping in the Meatpacking District and it's restaurants.

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The area is an epicenter of activity offering a wide range of restaurants and nightlife venues, making the Meatpacking Districts clubs and nightlife one of the best options in NYC. Persons seeking quality food, music and atmosphere flock to the neighborhood. Yet the area retains its character; historically through its architecture and cobble stone streets, and generally, with its eclectic mix of businesses and a nearby community of active residents and visitors from every community in New York City and the around world.

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The earliest history of the Meatpacking District began in the mid-19th century. Before that it was the location of Fort Gansevoort. The irregular street patterns in the area resulted from the clash of the Greenwich Village street system with that of the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, which sought to impose a regular grid on the undeveloped part of Manhattan island.

By 1900, the area was home to 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants, and by the 1920s, what had been a neighborhood based on a mixture of marketplaces became more tightly focused on meatpacking and related activities. Beginning in the late 1990s, the Meatpacking District went through a transformation. High-end boutiques catering to young professionals and hipsters opened as well as highly respected restaurants and nightclubs. The Meatpacking Districts nightlife is now one of the best in all of New York City.

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Amongst the greatest changes in recent history was the establishment of the world renowned High Line. The High Line’s arrival brought a whole new amenity to the neighborhood, where visitors are able to walk on this“park in the sky” from Gansevoort Street through the Meatpacking District and further north, and with the park’s arrival and success, a whole new cadre of visitors from the around the world have descended upon the neighborhood. Top-tier hotels have risen to serve this new clientele, keeping the foot traffic near, while the stores, restaurants, bars and boutiques keep them occupied, sated and engaged.

The future continues to hold promise for the Meatpacking District as it will be home to the Whitney Museum, one of the City’s most well respected art institutions, when it opens in 2015. This community continues to work together to take the Meatpacking District to the next level, all the while honoring and making history.

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