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Hell's Kitchen was once the site of one of the greatest and most intense gang rivalries in history...the Sharks and Jets. A very big part of Leonard Bernstein’s West SIde Story. It was also the childhood home of comic book superhero, Daredevil.

Although these characters are fictional, Hell’s Kitchen is well known for its rough and tumble past. Current and past residents take pride in the neighborhood’s edgy look and feel. While much of New York City has been undergoing renovations and rejuvenation, Hell’s Kitchen has retained much of it’s original personality.

Hell’s Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, features a very diverse population mix. The area’s businesses and restaurants reflect the many ethnic backgrounds to be found here. Each May, the neighborhood hosts the Ninth Avenue Association’s International Food Festival as 20 blocks of 9th Avenue, from 37th to 57th Street, are closed to traffic and food from all over the world is featured.

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The area is loosely defined as being between 34th Street in the south, 59th Street in the north, Eighth Avenue in the east and the Hudson River to the west.

Due the area’s gritty reputation, the housing costs can be somewhat lower than other nearby parts of town and that combined with proximity to the Theater District has made Hell’s Kitchen a haven for aspiring actors. Many well known actors and musicians have and do live it the area.

Several television studios are located in the neighborhood and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report and the Montel Williams Show are taped here.

Hell’s Kitchen has very lively character combined with a diverse ethnic flavor and an old neighborhood feel. Many New Yorkers find this their favorite neighborhood and relish in its authenticity.

For more information please visit: www.hknanyc.org