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Greenwich Village
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Greenwich Village
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Greenwich Village
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Greenwich Village
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Greenwich Village is one of New York's most popular neighborhoods and its history is among the city's most colorful. The "Village" has been historically unconventional.

Pronounced “GRENN-itch” and sometimes referred to as “the Village”, the neighborhood occupies the area of Manhattan from Houston Street north to 14th, and from Broadway west to the Hudson River. Some New Yorkers use the terms Greenwich Village,Village and West Village synonymously. Others refer to only the westernmost streets in the neighborhood as the West Village.

The East Village, however, is an entirely separate neighborhood from Greenwich Village. This area just north of what is considered the Lower East Side has, since the 1950s, been very attractive to musicians, artists and beatniks and has become the center of the counter culture in New York. Several artistic movements, including Punk Rock, originated in the East Village. The area is bounded by Third Avenue and the Bowery to the West, the East River to the east and runs between 14th and Houston St.

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The Village has always been on the cutting edge. Grin'wich, as it was once known, became a home for artists, bohemians, radicals. Theres no shortage of things to do in Greenwich Village.

In the late 1800s, the Village developed a reputation for lawlessness that led New York City police commissioner Teddy Roosevelt to order crackdowns in the neighborhood. The Village has also been home to groundbreaking 20th century writers, musicians and artists like Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan.

Plenty of art and entertainment can be found in the Village. Legendary clubs like The Blue Note on West 3rd and The Village Vanguard on 7thAvenue South still present some of the finest jazz performers in the world. The Bitter End on Bleecker Street has hosted numerous Grammy award winning artists and famous comedians. 

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Area coffee shops, book and record stores and clothing boutiques all offer unique experiences and certainly deliver the neighborhood’s personality. Greenwich Village's nightlife is another exemplary option for New York City's vibrant and exciting nightlife. Shopping in Greenwich Village is also no less diverse and exciting as other parts of Manhattan either.

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There are plenty of restaurant options as well, many of them serving food items as eclectic as the neighborhood around them. Overall, Greenwich Village restaurants range from the quintessential NYC dining experience to casual pizza by the slice. A menu for everyone here!


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The vibrant cultural scene, low crime rate and well-preserved historic homes are part of why the Village is home to some of the most popular and expensive residential real estate in New York City. Many of the residential buildings are single-family walk-ups, mid-rise apartment buildings and row-houses from the 19th century.

No visit to NYC is complete without a stroll through the Village!