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One of the city’s most charming neighborhoods, Chelsea,is made up of many interesting and very different personalities The neighborhood is primarily residential, but its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. There's plenty of attractions and entertainment for an endless amount of things to do in Chelsea NYC.

The area’s boundaries are roughly 14th Street to the south, 30th Street to the north, the western boundary of the Ladies' Mile Historic District – which lies between the Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and Seventh Avenue – to the east, and the Hudson River and West Street to the west.

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The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses. 

Chelsea takes its name from the estate and Georgian-style house of retired British Major Thomas Clarke who chose the name "Chelsea" after the manor of Chelsea, London, home to Sir Thomas More. His estate was the beginning of the new neighborhood which thrived for several decades, but an industrial zone began to develop along the Hudson which brought immigrants from many countries, especially Ireland, to work in nearby factories.

The area was an early theater district beginning in the 1870’s and was a hotbed of motion picture making prior to World War 1. Mary Pickford's first pictures were made on the top floors of an armory building at 221 West 26th St.

Above 23rd Street, by the Hudson River, the neighborhood is post-industrial, featuring the High Line that follows the river all through Chelsea. Eighth Avenue is a center for LGBT-oriented shopping and dining, and from 16th to 22nd Streets between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, mid-nineteenth-century brick and brownstone townhouses are still occupied.

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Since the mid-1990s, Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, as art galleries moved there from SoHo. From 16th Street to 27th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, there are nearly 400 art galleries that are home to modern art from upcoming artists and respected artists as well. The Chelsea's Art Museum is another example of  Chelsea's rich artistic history and neighborhood. 

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There are plenty of sights to be seen and experienced here as Chelsea is home to Chelsea Piers, a former luxury cruise terminal that was once going to welcome the RMS Titanic to Pier 60; Chelsea Market, a restored factory that hosts variety of shopping and dining options; the Fashion Institute of Technology, Chelsea Studios and the infamous Hotel Chelsea. Chelsea NYC hotels and restaurants are no less impressive compared to the more famous parts of New York City.

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As is the case with much of NYC, Chelsea offers a vivid historical glimpse of the past right alongside all that is current with a focus on the future.