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The Organic Grill
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The Organic Grill
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123 1st Avenue
(212) 477-7177

The Organic Grill, a bright homey gem in the East Village of New York catering to vegans, pescetarians, vegetarians, gluten-free and a host of others.

The Organic Grill is one of NYC's vegetarian favorites since 2001.

Voted Top 7 vegan dishes in New York City and Top 9 best veggie burgers in NYC, The Organic Grill offers organic, vegan and vegetarian dishes along with an abundance of other unique, yet healthy options.

Gothamist recently reported in an enthusiastic review, “For another faux-burger deal, this East Village eatery offers one of the tastiest veggie burgers in town. The Green Machine burger comes with your choice of vegan or dairy cheese, depending on your dietary restrictions; the rest of the Meat-Free MacDaddy is comprised of a large Portobello mushroom, a hunk of vegan pesto sauce, onions, lettuce, tomato, avocado, peppers and sprouts. This thing is a monster of herbivore proportions, and even staunch burger lovers will be impressed with its flavor and fuerte.”

Mixing up their methods to create variety, The Organic Grill also makes it important to branch out, picking good aspects from different cuisines and cultures, while sticking to their unique niche catering to organic food lovers, vegans, and vegetarians.

The Organic Grill is proud that 99.9% of their foods, drinks, pastries, and desserts are sustainably sourced. They are committed to promoting organic agriculture, and supporting local growers and artisanal food producers whenever possible. They are all about having a great time while enjoying amazing clean food. 

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