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125 E 39th Street
(212) 228-4873

DINNER Tue-Sun 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

There are eight-course “Hana” ($95) and ten-course “Omakase” ($125) menus.

While the basic eight-course are the same, Omakase has additional dishes: assortment of tastings,
house-made soba noodles, dessert, and matcha.

The menus change monthly, incorporating seasonal vegetables and nama fu, an important protein source for Shojin cuisine made from wheat gluten and rice flour.

Soba noodles are made daily.

Most of the dishes are prepared with some key ingredients in Japanese cuisine, such as soy sauce(includes wheat), mushrooms, sesame and kelps, which cannot be substituted.


Kajitsu's approach to sake reflects their goal to give our customers exceptional dining experience: Kajitsu carefully selects sakes that enhance the subtle flavor of each dish.

Kajitsu also serves the highest quality Japanese green tea from Ippodo, a 300-year-old tea maker in Kyoto.

*The menu may change without previous notice.
*Corkage fee $50 /per bottle

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