Aside from Manhattan, Brooklyn is also an exciting place to visit in NYC! - Attractions

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Outside of Manhattan, Brooklyn is probably New York City’s most talked about and trendy borough. You may have heard of and wondered where Williamsburg, Park Slope, Gowanus, Bed-Stuy, Prospect Park and Brooklyn Heights were located. Now you know! Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are famous and exciting places to visit!

Brooklyn is New York’s most populated borough and is located southeast of Manhattan across the East River. If it were an independent city, Brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in the US. It is convenient and accessible from any part of Manhattan. The Barclays Center, Brooklyn Nets and the Brooklyn Academy of Music call Brooklyn home. Even compared to Manhattan, there's no lack of options when it comes to things to do in Brooklyn.

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Williamsburg is an enclave of hipsters and independent culture that features many of New York’s most creative restaurants, fashion outlets, music venues and a thriving nightlife. East River State Park is a favorite among locals especially in the warmer months of the year.

Park Slope represents the more traditional history of Brooklyn with brownstone buildings and tree lined streets. Many people choose to rise families here. Prospect Park was laid out by Central Park’s design team of Olmstead and Vaux.

Bed-Stuy features some must see architecture and many residents here can trace their family origins back to the initial waves of migration in the early 20th century.

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Throughout Brooklyn you’ll find a distinct culture and many of its neighborhoods are ethnic enclaves. Brooklyn features some of New York’s most creative restaurants and activities. Many of the area’s vacant warehouses have been reclaimed and are home to various cafes, galleries and nightlife.Brooklyn restaurants are diverse in both cultural and price, there's definitely something for everyone here!

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Brooklyn is a must see and do for any visitor to appreciate its contribution to New York City’s personality.