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Ms. Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton at the Blue Note Jazz Club NYC

Ms. Lisa Fischer & Grand Baton at the Blue Note Jazz Club NYC

131 W. 3rd Street


Shows Friday, Feb. 17 thru Sunday, Feb. 19

There are some who think that soul singing is just a lot of belting and wailing - like all those would-be sisters from Aretha Franklin’s church. But the best soul singers, like Lisa Fischer at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City this week, treat a tune with subtlety, grace and elegance, like the best Broadway, jazz, or even opera singers. Best known for her major hit single "How Can I Ease the Pain” as well as her long years of singing back-up for bigger names (as chronicled in the excellent documentary “20 Feet from Stardom”), Lisa Fischer is as gifted a vocal artist as is singing today, in any genre.

If you attend one of this week’s shows at the Blue Note, you’ll be swept away by the arrangements and the meticulous and free flowing style of the band. It would be easy of course to play these songs in a familiar fashion but the new arrangements are captivating and brings the audience to appreciate the beauty of the songs in a whole new light. Lisa’s voice is phenomenal and the utilization of the two mikes add an entire layer to the performance. If I were to give the show a title I’d call it Lisa Fischer’s Message of Love!

Listen to a one-on-one interview with Lisa Fischer by Kevin Yazell of the Rolling Stones Radio Hour!

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Author: Will Friedwald
Photography by: STEPHEN SOROKOFF

Author: Will Friedwald

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