Best Things To Do in Little Italy

Best Things To Do in Little Italy

Little Italy NYC

Best Restaurants in Little Italy New York City

Updated Jun 24, 2019

Buon Appetito! Dining in Little Italy NYC

Little Italy is one of NYC’s most iconic and established neighborhoods. It is also one of the city’s most colorful and traditional. Many of the restaurants and businesses here have been owned by the same families for generations. For that reason, many of the dishes served are from recipes handed down for decades. You won’t find a more authentic meal anywhere in the city!

The narrow but bustling streets still retain the charm they had over 100 years ago and create the perfect setting for a relaxing lunch, dinner and dessert. Buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries line the block and if you’re a fan of great architecture you’ll find much to be delighted about here.

Each year in September, Little Italy becomes the nerve center of the city as they hold the annual Feast of San Gennaro, a Salute to the Patron Saint of Naples. For 11 days over 1 million locals and visitors come to Little Italy to enjoy the festivities as well as the array of excellent and expertly prepared Italian fare.

In 2019, the festival will celebrate its 93rd year opening on September 12 and run through September 22. The festival runs along Mulberry Street between Houston Street and Canal Street, and on Grand Street between Mott and Baxter Streets.

Best Little Italy NYC Restaurants

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Little Italy! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite Little Italy restaurants in this feature. Here you’ll find Lombardi’s, the first pizzeria in the U.S.; authentic old world Sicilian recipes at Paesano of Mulberry Street, Fine Italian dining at Il Cortile; find Little Italy’s best outdoor courtyard & garden at Da Nico; have some fun and “shake your napkin” at Puglia; and don’t forget Caffé Palermo is home to Baby John, the legendary Cannoli King!

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VIDEO: Meet The Cannoli King of Caffe Palermo in Little Italy, NYC!

Posted Jun 3, 2019

Get to know Baby John, aka “The Cannoli King” of Little Italy’s beloved Italian restaurant Caffe Palermo, in this exclusive interview with The Citiview NYC!

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Il Cortile: Expertly Prepared Italian Cuisine in Little Italy NYC

Updated Mar 28, 2019

One of New York City’s true highlights of Italian dining in NYCcan be found at Il Cortile. Located on Mulberry Street in the heart of Little Italy, Il Cortile serves many of the best Italian dishes, not only in Little Italy, but also in all of Manhattan!

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Paesano's of Little Italy NYC: Superb Italian Dining Since 1911

Updated Feb 4, 2019

Tucked away along a busy block of Mulberry Street is one of the city’s quiet gems of Italian dining. Paesano's of Little Italy is still making exquisite but simple Italian dishes here the same way they did when the restaurant first opened. Paesano's has been a fixture of Little Italy since 1911 and is the original red sauce Italian restaurant.

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Caffe Palermo: The Heart of Little Italy NYC

Updated Jan 21, 2019

It is rare for any restaurant to survive 45 years, but even more so in the competitive environment of NYC! Caffe Palermo, in the heart of Little Italy, New York City, has been a favorite restaurant among locals and visitors alike since 1973. The store has been under the constant hands-on supervision of the owner “Baby John” Delutro, The Cannoli King, and his attention to every detail is evident upon your arrival.

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Emilio's Ballato

Emilio's Ballato Italian Restaurant: Manhattan's Hidden Gem!

Updated Nov 4, 2018

By: Kevin Yazell

When Vlado, one of the doormen at my apt building here in Manhattan, started telling me stories about serving John Lennon, Andy Warhol and a long list of other well-known celebrities when he worked at Emilio's Ballato Italian restaurant many years ago, I knew I had to see this place for myself.

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Lombardi's Pizza New York Restaurant Review

Updated Aug 23, 2018

NYC pizza is not only the best but it is a necessity to the way of life in and around Manhattan. There is no better dish to fit into a busy schedule or tight budget. In fact, New York City is where the first pizza was sold in the United States and the first pizzeria was Lombardi’s!

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