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Meet the Bleacher Creatures: The Ultimate New York Yankees Fans!

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Meet the Bleacher Creatures: The Ultimate New York Yankees Fans!

Jul 1, 2019

The Bleacher Creatures are a group of New York Yankees fans who are known for exhibiting strict, undying allegiance to the team and a merciless attitude toward any and all opposing fans who follow other Major League Baseball teams. The founding of the Bleacher Creatures is credited to Ali Ramirez, who was a fixture in the stands at Yankee Stadium during the early 1980’s and 1990’s, when he could be seen ringing a cow bell to inspire other Yankee fans to cheer on the team.

Later, New York Daily News columnist Filip “Flip” Bondy officially coined the term “Bleacher Creature” when he was asked to write a story from a Yankee fan’s perspective. After approaching what he called “a core group of the most rabid, passionate fans,” Bondy signed authorship of the piece to “the Bleacher Creature,” thus cementing the nickname in relation to the most dedicated of Yankee Stadium’s inhabitants.

Bleacher Creature Chants

For more than two decades, the Creatures occupied sections 37 and 39 of the Original Yankee Stadium, then in 2009 the group of hardcore fans was relocated to Section 203 of the right-field bleachers in the team’s new stadium. A prominent trait among the Bleacher Creatures is the use of chant and songs, the most distinguished of which is titled Roll Call, a classic that’s typically performed at the beginning of every home game. And as you might imagine, the opposing team’s right fielder - who stands right in front of where the Creatures sit at Yankee Stadium in New York City - is often a victim of their jeers and insults.

Ramirez was a Puerto Rican immigrant who fought in WWII and moved to NYC after the war ended. He managed a movie theater in the Bronx and was by all accounts a generous, kind-hearted man who looked after his family, employees and neighborhood, earning a reputation as a guy who would often help those who were down on their luck. Of course, Ramirez was also a die-hard Yankees fan, having attended most of the home games even while he was still working and later showing up at nearly all of them after he retired. He always sat in Section 39, back when bleachers were included with the price of general admission to Yankee Stadium and you could sit where you wanted.

Over time, Ramirez’s natural enthusiasm attracted like-minded individuals who all began to sit in the same part of the bleachers during every home game at Yankee Stadium in New York. Eventually, they evolved into the eccentric and beloved community they are today. Of course, the Bleacher Creatures have also become infamous for heckling visiting teams - along with their fans - in a wide variety of highly creative and insulting ways.

Sadly, Ali Ramirez passed away on May 8, 1996, but his legacy definitely lives on in the Bleacher Creatures. The Yankees front office paid him tribute before the team’s May 14, 1996 game against the Seattle Mariners, cementing his legendary status among the baseball team’s most dedicated fans… And the night they honored Ramirez, Yankees pitcher Dwight Gooden also threw a no-hitter!

Bleacher Creatures Yankees Section

Today, there is even a plaque where Ramirez loved to sit in the stands, in section 39 row A, seat 29, which reads, “This seat is taken. In memory of Ali Ramirez, The Original Bleacher Creature.” The Yankees have also designated season ticket packages for the Bleacher Creatures so they can all sit together, honoring the fact that the Creatures remained loyal fans back when the Yankees needed them the most. In the end, their unrelenting loyalty was so loud, vocal and over the top that it simply could not be ignored by team management and the Bleacher Creatures will definitely go down in MLB history among the greatest fans of all time!


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