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The Ribbon: Cozy Comfort In The Heart of NYC's Times Square

Published Jun 11, 2019
Updated Jul 12, 2019

The Ribbon, a recent offspring of the famous Blue Ribbon Restaurants, founded by Bruce and Eric Bromberg, are keeping NYC diners happy. Currently, they have two convenient locations, one in Times Square and the other along W. 72nd St. on the city’s Upper West Side.

The Ribbon Restaurant NYC Reviews

We recently visited the Times Square location at 220 W. 44th St. and had a fabulous meal in a festive and very comfortable atmosphere. This location is convenient for a before or after show meal and perfect for any occasion, appetite and group size.

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The menu at both of The Ribbon Restaurants in New York City features eclectic twists on classic dishes and there is something for everyone! No one in your group will have to settle just to keep the rest of the group happy! All dishes are filling and comforting without being too much.

The menu at The Ribbon also offers incredible diversity! On our visit we found ourselves eating expertly prepared Greek, Indian and American dishes. It is rare that a restaurant can offer such a diverse menu and achieve such authentic and exceptional results.

Of course, we started with one of the Ribbon’s signature cocktails; the Midtown West and Stormy. It was a much fresher twist on a Dark and Stormy and went down easy!

The Dishes Served at The Ribbon Are Diverse and Expertly Prepared

For appetizers, we sampled several oysters from the grand size oyster bar located in the rear of the dining room. Their oyster bar features the best of both East and West coast and they come fresh and chilled! Three sauces were served with the oysters, including the customary cocktail sauce, a mignonette and an Alfonso sauce consisting of a very refreshing crisp mix of cucumber, onion and tomatoes. All three were very tasty.

We also tried the very special Grilled Avocado. This was a unique preparation and came with Pickled Pepper Crema. The cream really complemented the avocado, and I've never had anything quite like it. This dish is truly a must!

Next came the lobster and shrimp curry. This dish was slightly spicy, with juicy and perfectly-cooked lobster and shrimp. The traditional Indian nature of the dish was highlighted and served perfectly. As complements to the lobster and shrimp, they used shitake mushrooms, asparagus, broccolini and coconut milk.

The lamb chops were also delicious and came perfectly prepared medium rare, in a Greek style with eggplant tomato confit, mint and cucumber yogurt. These tender lamb chops were as good as anything we've had in the most expensive Greek restaurants, anywhere in the city!

The Ribbon Restaurant in New York City is also well known for their burgers, and we were definitely not disappointed! We chose the Bacon and Cheddar burger, which came to the table cooked a perfect medium. The burger was juicy, full of flavor and dressed with Arugula, which was a nice departure from typical lettuce offerings, along with a juicy slice of Beefsteak tomato and red onion relish. The fries were thin, crispy and hot, just the way you love them!

For dessert, we just had to have the Monkey Bread with Salted Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream. All I can say, is WOW!! It definitely puts Cinnabon to shame and even though we were plenty full, this was sooo good that we were able to eat most of it. This dish is plenty large enough and meant to be shared!

All of the dishes we sampled were delicious and we were surprised with the range of cuisines they can offer and successfully deliver. It's hard for some restaurants to do even one cuisine well!

The Ribbon Restaurant Is Cozy and Comforting In The Heart of Times Square

To sum it up, The Ribbon is a warm and friendly space that's perfect for lunch, dinner and/or drinks. You’ll find yourself immediately comfortable and ready to settle in for a while.

If you're looking to enjoy an evening outing, the Blue Social Bar opens nightly at 8 pm and offers a completely different cocktail menu than the restaurant, as well as an extensive list of whiskey, bourbons and the finest liquors from around the world.

Both The Ribbon Restaurant and the Blue Social Lounge offer experiences not of the norm expected in Times Square. Both are a comfy spot to hang with friends or family as they provide cozy comfort in the heart of one of the busiest parts of the world!

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