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Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in New York City: Where Fashion Begins

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Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in New York City: Where Fashion Begins

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Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in New York City: Where Fashion Begins

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Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in New York City: Where Fashion Begins

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Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in New York City: Where Fashion Begins

Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have your rings re-made because your finger size changed? Is your knuckle larger than the inside part of your finger causing your ring to spin around?
Does your finger size change with the seasons so that you have trouble wearing your rings year round?
Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite ring on a different finger? A revolution in the jewelery industry is happening now, and it is available in New York City exclusively at Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry!

Maurice Badler: Top Jewelry Stores NYC

The solution to all of these issues is SPRINGS! Maurice Badler jewelery story in New York City has partnered with several brilliant designers who have perfected the technology of expandable jewelry and created gorgeous designs. These are sophisticated pieces, some of which are suitable for every day and some which are perfect for a night on the town.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, anniversary ring or something fashionable, Maurice Badler has an extensive selection for you to view! These rings are so soft and supple that the most frequent comment they receive is “It is so comfortable; I don’t even feel like I am wearing a ring.”

We know you will fall in love with this concept, so much so, that you will be delighted to know that Maurice Badler also has a selection of expandable bracelets. If you have ever struggled to close the clasp on a bracelet yourself, this new technology is for you! Visit the Maurice Badler store on Park Avenue or their website at to see these incredible pieces.

Maurice Badler is designer jewelry heaven, where uber-famous artists like Bez Ambar, Roberto Coin and Hidalgo are represented. You will also find a vast array of designers who are not yet household names. Jeffrey and his buyer are very selective, preferring to showcase “a careful collection of original artists who not only offer uniqueness but also value and quality. We won’t carry jewelry unless it meets our standards.” Prices range from super high-end to quality product that won’t bust your budget.

Maurice Badler: Best Jewelry Stores in NYC for Engagement Rings

Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry is also one of the best jewelry stores in NYC for engagement rings and always offers an extensive selection to choose from. As one of the best high-end jewelry stores in NYC, Maurice Badler also has a partnership with Bez Ambar, the most influential diamond jewelry designer of the 21st century. Bez, the creator of the princess cut diamond, has chosen Badler to be the exclusive place in New York City to find Blaze® diamonds and the new Divine Cut® diamond. It is worth a visit just to see them. Nothing compares to the power of these diamonds.

Relationships that Jeffrey and his staff have cultivated over many years have resulted in a steady clientele that returns time and time again. They know they can trust Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry in NYC to help them find just the right piece. Don’t be surprised if you run into a Grammy winning artist or Royalty while you are shopping.

Maurice Badler Fine Jewelry is located at 485 Park Avenue (between 58th & 59th Streets) in New York City. 
Phone: (800) 622-3537 Email:


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