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Rossini's Italian Restaurant: Consistency Is The Key To Success

May 14, 2019

Tucked away in Murray Hill along E. 38th is one of New York City’s longest standing and most loved Italian dining destinations. Rossini’s Italian Restaurant has featured the same core menu and stellar service since it opened in 1978. The Northern Italian recipes served here today are the same recipes used by the original owner Romano Bernaz.

Rossini's Italian Restaurant Feels Rich and Romantic

His sons Gerry and Raymond have continued the tradition started by their father since taking over the operation a few years ago. They have expanded the menu incorporating ideas from various chefs who have worked here through the years, as they felt it was appropriate.

The spacious and comfortable dining room is a rare sight in Manhattan. At Rossini’s you have plenty of room to relax and unwind from the extremely hectic NYC work day! The ambiance is very rich and cozy. Being in the heart of a residential area of Manhattan, many of Rossini’s customers are familiar so the atmosphere here is one of friendliness and comraderie!

The Staff at Rossini's Knows How To Make You Feel Welcome

The staff here are real pros and know how to ensure you have a great experience. Whether you’re here for the first time, or a frequent guest, you’ll get treated the same! The restaurant’s operation has been perfected over many years. The owners have refined a winning formula for staff and crew and there is a tremendous amount of preparation and care involved in making your visit the best it can be.

We visited Rossini’s Italian Restaurant in NYC on a recent sunny spring day and of course the mood was festive! Rossini’s restaurant specializes in Northern Italian dishes which tend to be a little lighter than Southern Italian. Most of the sauces are wine, butter and oil based. You’ll have the option for various risottos as well as seafood and fishes that originate from the Adriatic Sea. The menu features plenty of veal, beef, chicken and pork options as well.

The Menu at Rossin's Features Northern Italian Cuisine

We started the meal with a cold seafood salad. This was a very plentiful, tender and tasty mix of calamari, shrimp, octopus and conch with tomatoes. The mix of flavors textures and colors were perfect compliments to each other and it was fun switching from one taste to another. This was a perfect start to what turned out to be a fabulous dinner!

We ordered the Pasta of the day, which today was a perfectly prepared Pasta Genovese. The creamy pasta was accented with smoked salmon and peas. The mildly smoked salmon flavored the sauce perfectly and this was a plate that we couldn’t stop eating!

For entrees we had to try the Fish of the Day which today was Brook Trout. This was another excellent choice! The trout was perfectly cooked, tender and flakey with tomatoes, white wine, lemon and butter provenciale. Yummy to the last bite!

The other entrée was one of the best Veal Pizzaiola’s I’ve ever tasted. The milk fed veal was tender, thinly sliced and covered with peppers and mushrooms.

We also tried the Gamberi Fra Diavolo. These were also cooked perfectly and a little spicy. The cherry peppers and cayenne made this dish unique.

For dessert, we were not disappointed! We had a pear poached in brandy with vanilla ice cream. The pear was complimented by strawberries and cannoli cream. Oh my, was this a dessert to remember!

Rossini's Italian Restaurant Has Been A Favorite of New Yorkers for Over 41 years!

There are so many great restaurants in Manhattan but Rossini’s made it clearly evident why they have survived so long in such a competitive environment. The cream always rises to the top! This is without question one of the finest restaurants in the city. The owners have perfected a formula that has kept customers coming back for over 41 years!


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