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Bill Boggs and Steve Hartman with Brendan Murphy  War and Peace Series: Warrior 2 Pose Stainless Steel with Seven Layer Silver Based Metallic Chrome Paint

Bill Boggs Visits the Contessa Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida

May 6, 2019

Tucked at the end of the ever-so-European feeling Via Encantada off of Worth Ave in Palm Beach is the captivating Contessa Art Gallery. The gallery is the mastermind of Steven C. Hartman, who also serves as President of the Fine Art Dealers Association of America. The presidency is an endorsement of the acumen of this outstanding dealer and art world luminary.

Steve Hartman and Mr. Brainwash’s “Life is Beautiful”

The Contessa Gallery is a place to spot emerging artists like Maria Švarbová, Hijack, Gilles Cenazandotti, and Cayla Birk, and newly established stars like Mr. Brainwash and Brendan Murphy.

Mr. Brainwash (B. 1966 - ) Bob Marley Broken Vinyl Records on Canvas

I was most impressed with Steven Hartman's background. Like may of us, he liked drawing as a child and says he became capable of drawing practically anything. His passion for collecting began around age seventeen and has not abated. He continued collecting during his tenure in finance on Wall Street and for the past several years has been devoting himself full time to his gallery in Palm Beach and Contessa Gallery in Cleveland and showcasing his artists at the major art shows of the world.

Brendan Murphy (B. 1971 - ) Speed Up Oil, Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas

Steven Hartman is totally on top of who's hot, who's not, who's cooling, who's emerging and who's about to peak in the contemporary art world. He's a creative guy himself with an acute ability to spot talent and guide and nurture both the business side and the elusive creative process of the artists. Talking to Steve about art is almost as interesting as the art on his walls. He's quick to make the point loud and clear that you have to be in the gallery business for passion.

Brendan Murphy's Boonji Spaceman

During our visit, I was particularly struck by the painterly photography of Maria Svarbova and her swimming pool series. An artist called Mr. Brainwash dominates some space with his "Life is Beautiful" series. Brendon Murphy has a life-sized "Boonjl Spaceman," that's stainless steel with seven layer silver based metallic chrome paint. Interesting pieces abound.

If you're in Palm Beach, a stroll around beautiful downtown Palm Beach, which compares favorably to the fabled Rodeo Boulevard in Beverly Hills is a must. Stop by The Contessa, look around, and have a conversation about art with Steve Hartman.You'll leave enriched, and maybe with something that you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

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Author: Bill Boggs

Author: Bill Boggs

Bill Boggs is a four-time Emmy Award winning TV host, Producer and Author who spent a decade on air at Food Network. He writes a column for and his work can also be read at, or you can visit Bill Boggs TV on YouTube.