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The Hunt & Fish Club Is A Legendary NYC Dining Destination

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The Hunt & Fish Club Is A Legendary NYC Dining Destination

Published Mar 10, 2019
Updated Jun 13, 2019

In New York City, it typically takes decades for a restaurant to achieve legendary status. However the Hunt & Fish Club, located in the heart of Times Square NYC, has defied all the rules! This luxurious fine dining venue has become a New York City dining superstar after only a few years of operation.

Hunt & Fish Club is a Legendary NYC Restaurant

What makes this restaurant so special? Let us count the ways! Of course, the most important aspects of any great restaurant are exceptional food and service. The Hunt & Fish Club takes both to unparalleled levels of excellence! The dishes and preparations are large, unique and over the top. Only their well-trained, well- mannered and professional staff exceeds the excellence of the food. Their attention to detail and obvious fondness of the restaurant adds a layer of love to your dining experience that will leave you smiling for days.

The dining room at the Hunt & Fish Club in New York City is an experience of its own. As soon as you enter the luxurious and cozy bar, you know you’re in for a treat! The spacious dining room is accented with marble and glass and instantly transports you out of bustling Times Square into a quiet luxurious space. The tables are spaced out enough to allow you privacy and room to relax while you settle in for a dining experience you’re never going to forget.

Hunt & Fish Club Restaurant is a Celebrity Favorite

If you have time, be sure to check out the collection of steak knives on display in the rear of the dining room. The Hunt & Fish Club has created a special knife for many of their well-known celebrity guests and there are four panels of knives on display. Each of these displays the name of the person who will be served with their own personal knife each time they dine at the restaurant. The list of names is impressive! Derek Jeter, Al Pacino, Tommy Lasorda, Tino Martinez, Robin Roberts, Paula Abdul, Gloria Estefan and Justin Timberlake are just a few of many names you’ll recognize.

As Chef Chad Brown pointed out,” The menu at Hunt & Fish Club is a reflection of balance, space, elegance and NYC. It is approachable with elegance.”

A wide variety of steak of the finest cuts of beef and the freshest seafood is available. Their signature dishes including the Stuffed Lobster, Bone In Rib Eye and the infamous Lobster Mac & Cheese are plenty enough to keep you coming back for more! As Chef Chad Brown pointed out, “The menu at Hunt & Fish Club is a reflection of balance, space, elegance and NYC. It is approachable with elegance.”

Hunt & Fish Club Restaurant Review

We took the opportunity to try some of the Hunt & Fish Club’s signature dishes, and we were definitely not disappointed with any of them! It was quickly obvious why the list of A-list personalities flock to and continue to return to this top NYC restaurant!

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Of course, to celebrate the event and the swanky environs, we started with two signature cocktails: the Nova Nero, which featured Woodford Bourbon, Antica and Averna. This was a refreshing twist on a traditional Manhattan style cocktail! We also tried the 125 Redeux, which is a unique combination of Hendrick's Gin, Lemon & Sage Simple, Lemon and Bubbles. The drink was bubbly and citrusy without being too sweet. Vey high class!

The Hunt & Fish Club has an extensive wine and liquor list that features only the finest brands and vintages thus ensuring there are no wrong choices to be made! Also of note is that all desserts and pastas are made in house!

Dining At The Hunt & Fish Club Is An Experience!

Among many other items in this review, the Hunt & Fish Club is well know for their table “bread,” the Pop Overs. This is the most delicious pre-dinner bread you’ll ever experience! The specially-seasoned herb butter served with them takes the Pop Over to new heights. You could easily spoil your dinner over these, as they are simply unbelievable!

We sampled two appetizers, the Wagyu Meatball and Pastrami Smoked Salmon. Wow ... They were both incredible. The Pastrami Smoked Salmon is a personal favorite of Chef Chad Brown and it really shows, with the love he puts into the dish evident at first bite! The Pastrami Smoked Salmon is cut to just the right thickness and has a bold Pastrami flavor without being overpowering. It is complemented with Lemon Aioli, Caper Berry and crispy Melba Toast.

The tender and flavorful Wagyu Meatball has a unique flavor from the wagyu beef and it just melts in your mouth! Covered in San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Three Cheeses this could also easily be a meal. It is impossible not to eat the whole thing!

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Our two entrees were both Hunt & Fish Club specialties. The Stuffed Lobster was a sight to behold and event better to taste! The fluffy Crab Meat Stuffing set off the perfectly cooked and incredibly tender lobster. The stuffing was flaky and moist without being dry at all. This was a dish that kept on giving!

The 24oz bone-in Ribeye was served and, I must say, having eaten many steaks in my day, the cut of beef was extraordinary! It was extremely flavorful with a unique texture, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. No steak knife was needed!

We added two sides to the meal the legendary Lobster Mac & Cheese and their hand made Truffle Tater Tots. The Lobster Mac & Cheese lived up to its stellar reputation. With generous chunks of lobster smothered by the macaroni and cheese, this is a keeper. I’ve seen this dish Instagrammed many times and I’m glad we got to finally experience it first hand!

The Truffle tater Tots are also one of Chef Chad Brown’s favorites and they go through many steps of preparation for several days before they are ever served. They are twice delicately fried to deliver perfect flavor and consistency.

For dessert, we enjoyed the 24 Layer Chocolate. Chocolate lover or not, this is the perfect finish to the perfect meal. The cake comes with Whipped Caramel Ganache & Salted Caramel Gelato, which adds a little crunch to the dessert.

A dinner at the Hunt & Fish Club is very special indeed. Every aspect of the experience exceeds all expectations. You will leave here with a clear understanding of just how this restaurant has risen to the top of the NYC dining scene so quickly.

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