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Hammacher Schlemmer: A Unique and Iconic Must Do NYC Experience!

Published Feb 19, 2019
Updated May 9, 2019

New York City is the place to find anything and there is something for everyone! It is also one of the world’s richest in history. This combination of history and uniqueness came together here in New York City, with the launch of Hammacher Schlemmer in 1848.

NYC Is Home To the ONLY Hammacher Schlemmer Retail Store

The one and only Hammacher Schlemmer retail showroom is conveniently located here in New York City along E. 57th St. between Third and Lexington Avenues. 2019 marks the store’s 171st anniversary! You will be delighted and surprised at the incredible depth and variety of innovative products available at the flagship boutique.

You’ll find personal care products, authentic and collectible memorabilia, unique one of a kind leisure items, traditional board games with unique modern themes and many serendipitous items you could never imagine but upon sight they make perfect sense.

The Bull and Bear barometer, pictured above for example, monitors the fluctuation of the stock market, in real time, and provides an ongoing update of the market's bull or bear status!

The NYC Hammacher Schlemmer Showroom Is Home To Unique Items Not Available In Their Mail Order Catalogs

Hammacher Schlemmer is known worldwide for their extensive mail order catalogs but the flagship showroom on E. 57th St. is home to many items that are offered ONLY at this location. This ensures your visit to the NYC showroom will be a unique and special experience. Plus the staff here are always searching for and curating new and unique items for your shopping pleasure.

Browsing the showroom is a fabulous way to take a break from the busy city streets and provides an escape that will leave you marveling at possibilities as well as enlightened as to many ways of making your day to day routines much more efficient and exciting.

Hammacher Schlemmer Has a 175 Year History in NYC

The first store location was at 221 Bowery in the city’s Lower East Side. Hammacher Schlemmer was initially well known for carrying high quality hard to find tools and equipment and their reputation quickly spread as the place to find what could not be found anywhere else!

By the mid-1850’s construction was booming and the hardware business was in high demand. As a result the original store brought on Albert Hammacher as an investor and moved to a larger location in the Bowery. In 1867, the original owner, Charles Tollner, passed away and Mr Hammacher entered into a partnership with William Schlemmer and the company officially becomes Hammacher Schlemmer.

In 1881 Hammacher Schlemmer published it first catalog, six years prior to sears & Roebuck. Salesmen criss crossed the country with this hardcover catalog taking orders from customers all over the country. By the late 1880’s, Hammacher Schlemmer had added a new Upholstery Goods department stocking special tools and materials to answer the fashion demands of the time.

In 1902, Hammacher Schlemmer introduced the Auto Parts department. As the automobile became more propular, Hammacher Schlemmer bought their own car and began the fisrt home delivery service. In 1904, the store moved a little further uptown to Union Square at 13th Street and 4th Avenue and continued to expand its merchandise to include piano parts.

Hammacher Schlemmer Is The Best Source for Luxury Items

Hammacher Schlemmer began focusing on luxury items in the 1920’s and began moving away from building supplies. In 1926, the store moved to its current location even further uptown at 147 E. 57th St. A 12 story building designed and built especially for Hammacher Schlemmer helped to usher in a new era of elegance.

In 1931, Hammacher Schlemmer introduced the first portable radio. By 1955, Hammacher Schlemmer had completely discontinued the sale of hardware in favor of more upscale merchandise with renewed emphasis on the being the first to offer the “unexpected.” First Lady “Ladybird” Johnson hired Hammacher Schlemmer to redecorate the White House in 1964.

Continuing in their quest to deliver the unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduced America to the first telephone answering machine and Microwave Oven in 1968. By 1973, they were introducing Americans to such innovations as the first cordless telephone, coffee machine (Mr. Coffee) and the portable Computer.

Hammacher Schlemmer continues to offer innovative and cutting edge products to their discerning customers. The New York showroom is always presenting the latest and greatest products available and many of these are available exclusively in the Manhattan location.

A visit to the Hammacher Schlemmer flagship is a unique and memorable experience that will leave you discussing with your friends form many days and sharing your enthusiasm for the products you did indulge with while there.

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