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Lombardi's Chelsea: Expanding a Perfected Concept

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Lombardi's Chelsea: Expanding a Perfected Concept

Published Jan 3, 2019
Updated Jan 11, 2019

Lombardi's Pizza NYC in Chelsea: A Unique Combination of Local History

The history of two iconic NYC landmarks have come together in the heart of New York City's Chelsea neighborhood to recreate one of the city’s most fascinating eras with Lombardi's Pizza NYC. The understated but very elegant entrance on Eight Avenue, near W. 25th St., immediately communicates that there's a very special experience waiting for you inside. The new Lombardi’s in Chelsea has elegant décor and transports you back into a very active, fascinating time in the development of New York City.

Gennaro Lombardi in Little Italy founded Lombardi’s Pizza in 1905. In fact, that location is still using the same coal oven from Mr. Lombardi’s original pizzeria!

The Biltmore Hotel was located next to Grand Central Terminal and opened in 1906. It was a palatial hotel and a well-known landmark until it was gutted and renovated in 1981. It is now the Bank of America Center at 335 Madison Avenue.

Luckily, a property owner in Chelsea bought all of the original gold, marble, mirrors and crystal chandeliers and placed them in his buildings throughout the Chelsea neighborhood. Much of the salvaged interior of the famed Biltmore Hotel can now be enjoyed from the dining room at the new Lombardi’s location at 290 Eighth Avenue.

The Setting at Lombardi's Pizza NYC in Chelsea Transports You To Another Time

The entrance to Lombardi’s Chelsea is the original revolving door frame from the Biltmore updated with a modern door. A very hospitable bar that is a natural extension of the coziness that defines the dining room warmly greets you.

The expansive dining room allows guests to relax and enjoy themselves while conversing freely. The music in the background at Lombardi’s helps to exude the historical nature of the venue. You’ll hear the likes of Duke Ellington, Vic Damone, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman among many other classic artists from the first half of the 20th century.

To add another level of cozy, the fireplace is a working one and brings the room together perfectly.

An Expanded Lombardi’s Menu is Offered Here - Click to View!

Now that you’re in the perfect setting, it’s time to focus on the food! Lombardi’s Pizza NYC in Chelsea has expanded the menu they’ve been famous for downtown for many years. Here they have added several pasta dishes, appetizers and other menu items that appeal to a broader crowd and the location has quickly become the favorite of Chelsea locals.

Best Pizza Restaurant in New York

We started off with the Prosciutto Plate and it was the perfect choice. The prosciutto was laid out neatly with very flavorful provolone cheese and just the right amount of mixed olives. It was a mouth-watering intro to an exceptional home made meal.

Next was the Clam Pie, made famous by the original Lombardi’s on Spring Street. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique pizzas to be found anywhere in NYC, arguably the pizza capital of the world. There is no sauce but you don’t even miss it. The pie is piled high with fresh baby clams, garlic, and oil, oregano, black pepper, parsley, and Romano cheese that are a perfect finish and a flowered lemon tops off the plate. Highly recommended!

For the main course we ordered the Family Style Sunday Gravy, as this features a combination of some of the best menu items at Lombardi’s and is served family style. The package is complete with Sharp Italian Salad, rigatoni with Lombardi’s famous meatballs, a full bread basket, side of pomodoro and two mini cannolis for dessert.

The meal starts with a Sharp Italian Salad, which is exactly that! The lettuce was extremely crisp and the salad was served in a large bowl. The lettuce, red onion, provolone, tomato and pepperoni were topped with just the right amount of Italian vinaigrette. Very refreshing!

The star of the meal though was the Meatballs and rigatoni in pomodoro sauce. The two meatballs were huge and very tender and the best meatballs I’ve ever tasted! We wished there’d been 4! This is certainly cause for another visit soon!

The mini cannolis were a perfect finish with a light citrus flavor. This was one of our finest meals in recent memory.

Best Pizza NYC: Lombardi's in Chelsea Offers Great Service From a Local Favorite

Much of the staff here at Lombardi’s Chelsea have been imported from the original Spring St. location downtown are very knowledgeable and know the menu well. You feel welcome from your first moment inside the restaurant!

Lombardi’s Chelsea is a successful expansion of a perfected concept and is a sure bet for any meal or occasion. It won’t be long before this location is as well known and cherished as the original Lombardi’s in Nolita.


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