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Marissa Mulder, Two Tickets Left

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Marissa Mulder, Two Tickets Left

Published Oct 2, 2018
Updated Oct 3, 2018

Marissa Mulder, “Two Tickets Left”
Nate Buccieri, musical director (piano and additional vocals)
Laurie Beechman Theater (West Bank Cafe)
407 W. 42nd Street, NYC 10036 | 212.695.6909
Wednesday, October 3

There’s something about the singing of Marissa Mulder that goes straight to the jugular; it never takes more than three or four notes or words to transform me into a blubbering mess of jello. Her new album, Two Tickets Left, being launched Wednesday at the Beechman, is a collection of songs that, although considerably newer than most of the fare you’ll hear at the cabaret rooms around town (and older than Miss Mulder herself), they seem like they’ve been waiting much too long for someone to come along and really bring them to life. For the first time, for me, at least, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” no longer seems like a random juxtapostion of psychedelic images but an actual concrete narrative, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I can even imagine Sir Elton, the Rocketman himself, and Bernie Taupin, listening together to Miss Mulder’s profoundly moving interpretation and musing to each other, “oh, so that’s what it really means.”

(PS: for a different, and more purely comedic, side of Miss Mulder, be sure to catch her as “Miss Marla Maples” in the The 1st Annual Trump Family Special, currently running on Thursday evenings, between now and the holidays, at the Triad Theater, and soon to be reviewed in these pages.)

Photo: David Rosen

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