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Exploring the Eclectic Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn in NYC

Published Jul 24, 2018
Updated Jul 26, 2018

By: Nichol Chery

Williamsburg is an exciting and eclectic neighborhood located in Brooklyn just across the East River from Manhattan. This neighborhood is currently one of the most exciting and talked-about places in all five of New York City’s boroughs. It is accessible via the L train along 14th Street or a very scenic walk across the Williamsburg bridge.

Williamsburg Brooklyn Things To Do

In Williamsburg, you can appreciate modern vintage styles in such things as retail stores, local housing, restaurants and much much more. Williamsburg contains a unique variety of current fashion unlike other parts of Brooklyn or even Manhattan.

Williamsburgh New York Art & Culture

If you appreciate art, Williamsburg is definitely the place to visit. Here, artwork is represented in the form of graffiti, paintings and even in the clothing. The locals’ hipster chic attire and the vibrant color of the neighborhood keep the area very engaging.

Williamsburg has such a timeless beauty that many find it an essential experience. There are many fun activities that take place in the neighborhood throughout the year, including festivals and local dances. Although this is only a small sampling all that it offers.

Williamsburgh Brooklyn Restaurants

Along every street, you’ll find excellent cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and music shops that add to the creative vibe here. Many of the food selections are throwbacks to the decades of the 70s and 80s, but adapted for today’s tastes.

Williamsburg is also the perfect spot for checking out a huge variety of customs and designs. Throughout recent years, this area has become widely associated with indie music and outdoor parties.

However, this did not destroy the old-fashioned vibe the area is also well known for. Visitors should explore this part of the city and experience the updated vintage look.

Williamsburg Brooklyn Nightlife & Bars

Best of all is the nightlife in this area. It is where you see the bright lights and night skies of the all the buildings in the area and the streets really come to life. Williamsburg is a must see stop on your journey as it is a deep mixture of many cultures and the best entertainment all in one place!


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