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Bloomingdale's Personal Shoppers Help Busy Buyers in NYC

Published Dec 6, 2017
Updated Jan 24, 2019

by Sasha Dimitrijevic 

Shopping is often looked upon as an errand; trying to find that too rare window of free time, browsing around in quests for the right stores, fighting through crowds of people, waiting in line for dressing rooms, finding the right size at the time of the right sale etc. It can sometimes be so tedious, that it’s hard to enjoy yourself. At Bloomingdale’s in NYC, that’s where personal shoppers can make all the difference.

Why Use a Personal Shopper?

Upon a recent visit to Bloomingdale’s, I discovered it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to work with one of their personal shoppers. It is extremely helpful to have someone assist you, recommending and finding the best clothing to suit your style. Trust Me: This is the type of assistance everyone can use.

With a Bloomingdale’s Personal Shopper, customers are able to develop a more personalized relationship with the store and all that it offers. They’ll also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and overcome insecurities. Personal shoppers can act as a secret weapon, a go-to person who, over time, can also become a trusted friend. It’s surprising how quickly shopping can be made easy with a little help from the right expert!

How to Work with a Bloomingdale’s Personal Shopper

Working with a shopping assistant at Bloomingdale's is quite easy and you should keep the following in mind as you consider the experience. It is always best and strongly recommended to make an appointment. It is also a good idea to contact them prior to the scheduled appointment in order to give them a little time to get to know you and your style, and perhaps already have some wardrobe items picked out prior to your first appointment. All of this serves as the perfect way to break the ice and get to know the person who will be working with you to elevate your entire shopping experience.

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Another great thing about utilizing a shopping assistant is that this can go way beyond clothes. At Bloomingdale's, your personal shopper knows the store in detail, can take you through the store’s various departments, taking into consideration your preferences and requests. They can then be able to help with so much more.

Other Benefits of Working with a Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers at Bloomingdale’s also keep records of their clients, therefore they can help with a variety of things, including holiday and gift shopping, which is one of the best parts of the service. They even get to know the family of their clients without being introduced to them. You can learn a lot about a person from the way they dress and it is with great trust you would give someone the liberty to alter and change your style.

There is a great challenge in dressing different people, especially with special occasions and makeovers. It is essentially an art form to recreate style, remind people of things they may have forgotten and give them back a little bit of their life in this crazy city. The bottom line? Shopping can be fun, exciting and easy, as long as there is someone to show you the ropes!

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Appointments with a Personal Shopper usually last an hour, to an hour and a half, where you can go over different stages, starting with the three most important things on your list. This can ease and quicken the process, since it creates a foundation to build upon.

Sometimes, it’s also necessary to play with accessories, find a perfect shape, add glitter or just look for the famous ‘third’ piece to hold a new outfit together. It is so much easier to shop with someone who has knowledge of what you are looking for, knows their way around the store, has an objective opinion, keeps track of what you need and has time to go ahead and pick the perfect clothing pieces for you. It is timely, easy and brings with it a truly personalized touch.

My Personal Shopper Experience at Bloomingdale’s

Having a personal shopper makes the experience so much more than shopping. I had the most amazing experience with David Lisbon, my Personal Shopper. It was great to shop along with someone so knowledgeable and quick-witted when it comes to fashion. He led the way through the store while explaining different things I could try to refresh my style. I never knew that the littlest details could help me create such a different look.

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It was also refreshing to have someone who was able to read right through my fashion ideas and fulfill them. Fashion is so much more than just clothes, and it is rewarding to have someone who appreciates that take the time to walk you through the creative process from start to finish. At the end of our day, in addition to perfecting great style, I was able to gain a new friend.

Bloomingdale’s is such a fabulous store on its own, but this was a whole new way of experiencing fashion and expand my own sense of style! I’ll always incorporate a visit with David in my future visits.

For more information and to schedule your visit with one of Bloomingdale’s Personal Shoppers please contact Bloomingdale’s At Your Service (For Her): 212 705 3135 and At His Service (For Him): 212 705 3030.

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