Bob Dylan's Love Affair With New York City - New York City Article

Tour Bob Dylan's New York Through Songs, Video and Stories

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Tour Bob Dylan's New York Through Songs, Video and Stories

Published Jun 7, 2017
Updated Jan 23, 2019

As Bob Dylan turned 75 in 2017, Gothamist took a moment to explore the music icon's love affair with New York City through videos, songs and stories. As the place Dylan headed to in search of his calling the Big Apple helped shape the rest of his life and exposed him to the musicians, personalities, artists and culture that would forever influence his work.

Click the link above to read "Happy Birthday Mr. Zimmerman," and experience the long and storied relationship between bob dylan and New York City with Gothamist!

"As mercurial as Dylan has always been, there is one thing we do know: for as long as Dylan has been writing songs, he has been writing to, for and about New York City." - Gothamist

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