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All The Wonders Of Met Museum in New York City

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All The Wonders Of Met Museum in New York City

Published Jan 26, 2017
Updated Sep 17, 2018

By Sasha Dimitrijevic

In addition to being 4 blocks long and having 17 museums within itself, the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue stands as one true, sworn guardian of history’s secrets. The echoes of times past could almost be heard through its long hallways and thick walls, which through the years have been built upon and added to; but surprisingly still provide the same feeling and unconditionally serve the same purpose.

Even the Met Museum itself is truly breathtaking! Long staircases, marble and stone, wide spaces and tall walls with curious paintings are made for storytelling and remembrance of times passed. Various cultures and history are incorporated impeccably into the Met Museum artwork and exhibits, effortlessly transitioning from one part of the world to another.

EmptyMet Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A private tour, or an ‘EmptyMet Tour’ is highly recommended, since you are provided with insights and interesting “behind the scenes” information from the Met Museum experts and the event is are always very quiet and peaceful. The quiet and “Empty Met” is as close to the urban myth as it gets and I found it to be very rewarding time spent!

Michael Rockefeller and the Tribes of New Guinea at The Met

This Met Museum collection of artwork travels all the way back to Papua New Guinea and the mysterious disappearance of Michael Rockefeller. While attempting to research the primitive tribes living there and their rituals, he began to swim ashore on a rainy day and was never to be seen again. Following this unfortunate event, the family decided to donate his collection to The Metropolitan Museum of art instead of creating a separate museum of primitive art.

Met Museum Artwork: Impressionist Artists

The stories told along the tour span the ages of the young artist, Van Gogh and his struggles, along with one of his self-portraits; Claude Monet and his world famous Water Lilies, which carries the honor of being the most photographed painting at The Met!

The self-proclaimed and spontaneous painter Edgar Degas also has a place among Met Museum artwork; with his sculpture of ‘The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer.’ This object was later connected to some controversial events regarding certain Russian ballerinas and therefore Degas hid the sculpture for many years. Luckily, the little ballerina can be now seen at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and is very popular among children.

Met Museum Artwork: Madame X

One work of art at The Met that absolutely deserves to be mentioned is the painting of the notorious Madame X. Originally painted with one jeweled strap fallen from her shoulder to reflect her style and notoriety for following the gentlemen, artist John Singer Sargent repainted the strap after the portrait was met with initial ridicule and kept it for 30 years before selling it to The Metrpolitan Museum of Art.

More Amazing Surprises at The Met

Among the many mind-blowing exhibits at the Met is a room containing an entire Egyptian Temple (The Temple of Dendur), surrounded by water as a nod to the Nile River overlooking Central Park. Interesting fact - the main advocate in acquiring this exhibit was Jackie Kennedy, as the Temple had two other potential destinations. It is also conveniently positioned so that it could be seen from Jackie’s former apartment, close to the park.

You can also visit the very room where the crucial decision to create the Met Museum was made. This room is now glorified by the enormous photograph of the great George Washington crossing the Delaware River. The frame ended up being so big, they had to build it within the room!

When perusing the Met Museum artwork, everything from Turkish interior designs and wonders of Greek sculptures, to lonely Cleopatra, the last oversized armor worn to battle by Henry the VIII, French décor and more Impressionist art, historical nemesis and lovers and partners in all sorts of crimes, can be seen under one roof!

History Lives at The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is one place where the great ghosts of the past gather, watching over its contents and reminiscing together. The spirits are able to tell and continuously relive their important moments, through the experts working here, listening and absorbing everyone’s reaction cautiously.

The Met exhibits offer the ultimate destination for the history buff, curious visitor or anyone who wants their horizons to be significantly expanded. The EmptyMet tour is available for groups and individuals and I highly recommended you experience it first hand.

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