MAC Cosmetics in NYC: An Accomplice In Beauty - New York City Article

MAC Cosmetics in NYC: An Accomplice In Beauty

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MAC Cosmetics in NYC: An Accomplice In Beauty

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MAC Cosmetics in NYC: An Accomplice In Beauty

Published Dec 29, 2016
Updated Dec 29, 2017

By: Sasha Dimitrijevic

Girls are actually pretty simple, however outrageous it might sound. I must note that this is a public secret and should not be taken lightly. There are just a few items necessary to calm us down and bring us to an agreement; which usually involves a brush, lip liner, lasting mascara and some candy. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

M·A·C’s Beauty Magic

When I feel pretty it's easier to handle even the most difficult of situations brought upon me. Whatever happens, at least my hair is good and my makeup on point. Because of this, I rely on certain accomplices to whom I trust and stay loyal to. This being said; whichever product I might use from MAC I am confident It will compliment my skin, stay long and make me feel fabulous, which is the ultimate goal.

Beauty is magnificent in its very nature. The thing is it will always remain in ’the eyes of the observer’. M·A·C’s modern day magicians can grasp your idea of beauty and apply it to a particular style you have imagined. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ashley, one of their exquisite artists, who was thorough enough to explain how each line creates its own story that the other one follows. Only one motion of a highlighter can replace the first cup of the morning coffee or hide the tracks of a very good night behind you, followed by a rough morning. If done correctly, the eyebrows set the mood for the day while the shade of the bronzer plays with your expression from every angle. The eye shadow with its canny glow is going to automatically match the attitude and the lips as always, will speak for themselves, careless of the color.

Some of us take make up as an essential part of our day, some do it for fun or just to feel better. Regardless of the purpose, we are all artists trying to create a perfect picture our mind has put together. Without the right tools to do so, our daily efforts are facing constant challenges. M·A·C cosmetics does not only provide the best quality products, it provides you with experts who cautiously mentor you in how to style your daily look in a timely manner which matches your clothes.

Feel Like a Celebrity with a Makeover at M·A·C Makeup Studio 

The exciting thing is, M·A·C has a store specifically made for makeup sessions, which is conveniently enough located on the glamourous Upper East Side; equipped with licensed artists who will help you understand your skin better, treat it nicer and see an amazing outcome. By scheduling, you get a personal tutorial from the experts in the field itself.

For an everyday girl, it is amazing to have a place to go and learn how to look like a celebrity with a quick and easy fix, which, she can take home and make it a routine. I certainly enjoy the feeling of having my own fabulous sanctuary with all those beautiful people who will see you exactly the way you see yourself and help you share the image with the world!

About M·A·C Cosmetics

All of their stores are dedicated to the art of makeup, offering both complimentary walk-in demos, and applications and lessons by appointment. Their highly skilled Artists undergo a rigorous certification process. They will tailor each service with personalized looks and colours to celebrate your individuality. There are several M·A·C Cosmetic locations throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

M·A·C Makeup Studio-Upper East Side

Enjoy an elevated experience like Sasha did with their most bespoke service offerings yet at their first M·A·C store in New York dedicated solely to the art of makeup applications and instruction.

825 Lexington Ave At 63RD

NYC M·A·C Makeup Store Locations:

MAC Cosmetics Bleeker St.

MAC Cosmetics Bloomingdale's, 504 Broadway

MAC Cosmetics Bloomingdale's, Third Street

MAC Cosmetics Century 21

MAC Cosmetics Fifth Avenue

MAC Cosmetics Flatiron Building

MAC Cosmetics Grand Central Terminal

MAC Cosmetics Macy's

MAC Cosmetics Makeup Studio

MAC Cosmetics Saks Fifth Avenue

MAC Cosmetics Times Square

MAC Cosmetics Westfield World Trade Center

MAC Pro New York City

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