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Salon Ziba: Comfort & Style Made Easy

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Salon Ziba: Comfort & Style Made Easy

Published Dec 10, 2016
Updated Feb 6, 2017

By Sasha Dimitrijevic

Being a girl who was considering changing her mailing address to a salon, you would think I’ve seen it all and it would be hard to catch me off guard. Even though this statement is partially true, I have my moments of disbelief when entering a place with an overwhelmingly welcoming atmosphere.

Salon Ziba is one of those modern, new age spots, with refined interior, resembling the backstage of a runway show. As you walk inside, you find yourself amid spotlessly white walls, mirrors in all sizes scattered throughout the working counters which are filled with shiny beauty products and the familiar combo of shampoo and hairspray, giving you a sense of ease and assurance that your hair too, will be perfect once you walk out.

The entire staff is amazing, warm and welcoming. All of them are constantly sharing insights about maintenance and day to day care of your hair. They are happy to address any queries and ease your contemplations about the hairdo in question. These are the sort of appointments you go to and don’t feel rushed, or embarrassed because you are underinformed or inexperienced as everyone is constantly making you feel like that is a place you belong to and are meant to be at.

During the hair wash as well as the blowout you receive continuous information about what they are doing, guiding you through each step and description of products used and what effect will they have on your hair. I personally love when I feel I am being treated as If I am going to an important event after the salon and not just having coffee with friends. Not to lie, it is always nice to feel important and taken care of by a beautiful crowd.

If anyone is in a quest for a contemporary spot to get their hair done, meet some exciting people and get useful tips, Salon Ziba is definitely a salon you should visit!

Salon ZIba offers 3 convenient Manhattan locations at:

200 W. 57th St, 50 W. 57th St. and 485 6th Ave in the West Village

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