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Experience Rolling Stones Exhibitionism!

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Experience Rolling Stones Exhibitionism!

Published Nov 18, 2016
Updated Aug 2, 2018

By: Kevin Yazell

“The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism” opened last Saturday at Industria, a large warehouse sized exhibit space located in the West Village. The exhibit is open through March and certain to draw large crowds here in New York.

“Exhibitionism” will leave no Stones fan disappointed and is certain to deliver a new appreciation, even for those more casual fans. It delivers all of the adrenaline, testosterone and overall enthusiasm one gets from one of their live shows or favorite records… Right from the start!

After being greeted by a large multi-screen overview of the band’s career, visitors are then guided through a recreation of Mick, Keith and Brian’s Edith Grove flat complete with authentic smells! A very memorable intro!

The exhibit showcases the band in themes by member, by tour, by album and by instrument, leaving no apparent Stone unturned. Videos, miniature stage designs and drawings, album cover art, studio logs, tape boxes, recording contracts and even a reel of audio tape containing a live recording of the band in 1963 can be perused at your leisure. There is also an interactive station that allows you to create your own mix from a selection of some of their greatest songs.

The exhibit certainly sheds light into how much influence this band has had on us over the past 50+ years. After overhearing a comment by a visitor in front of me that he wasn’t even born yet for the “Steel Wheels” tour (!), it became very hard for me to imagine a world without the Rolling Stones.

The exhibit wraps up with an incredible 3D concert performance of “Satisfaction.” At the end of the performance there were smiles on the faces of all band members, the audience in the film AND everyone standing in the small theater. Everyone was very “satisfied” and happy with where we were, the various paths the Stones had taken us and excited to have been able to share the experience together!

Looking to the future, The Stones have continued to create exciting ways of displaying their craft and I’m already anticipating the next incarnation! Stay tuned.

BUY TICKETS                            Visit www.stonesexhibitionism.com for more information.


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