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Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim Museum

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Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim Museum

Published Oct 30, 2016
Updated Jun 7, 2017

Agnes Martin Exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum

by Sasha Dimitrijevic

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is definitely one of NYC’s most iconic and classic destinations! People coming from all over the world have at least once heard the name, or have seen its eye catching and unique design via various media outlets.

Upon entrance one is astonished by the size of the space surrounded by wide, circular and twirled balconies; which cunningly guide you through small hallways of hidden pictures, each one following the other, until you find yourself underneath a marvelous glass dome.

The ambiance is very low key and simplistic with black and white being the only combination of colors. It is as if you were platonically commanded by an invisible force to be silent and obedient, allowed only to admire the wonders of art displayed all around you.

Anyone interested in cultural as well as artistic expression does not have to look any further. Short diplomatic debates with a coffee cup in front of a huge painting will never go out of style.
Needless to say, there will always be someone nearby, ready to help you or give additional information about any piece in question.

Among the vast variety of talented artists represented here, Agnes Martin’s work is currently on exhibit throughout the museum, along with her storyline and inspirational sources. Her works will be will be displayed until January 11th. The style of the Agnes Martin goes extremely well with the interior of the museum as Martin’s work is based on simple elegance, bright, light colors, advocating serenity and tranquility.

Almost every painting has details posted explaining what stirred her imagination. I loved the idea of pictures representing positive emotions in an abstract way, where observers have all the freedom to interpret the artwork in a way the imagination leads them. Martin’s work is all about lines and stripes, which are altogether consistent with the elegance of the exhibit space.

All in all this is an experience you do not want to miss. It is a perfect opportunity to combine fun with learning, where along the way you get a chance to meet exciting new people!

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