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Ghost Tours of New York City

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Ghost Tours of New York City

Published Oct 18, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

Looking for Halloween events that are equal parts “scary” and “good time”? Here are four spooky ghost tours that are not only a bit on the terrifying side, but also provide some amazing info about Gotham’s shadowy past.

Ghosts of New York Walking Tours

Featuring haunting New York ghost experiences with licensed guides in virtually every neighborhood you’d care to explore, Ghosts of New York offers exciting themed events, including a visit to “Edgar Allan Poe and His Ghostly Neighbors” in Greenwich Village; a phantom pub crawl of the East Village; “Ghosts of the City” at various locations; and “From Ghostbusters to John Lennon,” featuring the ghosts of the Upper West Side. Each tour is 90 minutes long and the total walking distance is less than one mile. A variety of other tours are also available. For more information, call 646-493-7092.

Haunted Broadway Walking Tour
Designed to delight true theater lovers, this haunted two-hour stroll takes show-tune lovers on a Haunted Broadway Tour through the Theater District and Times Square, which are in New York’s busiest part of town. Participants will reach out to Broadway and Vaudeville stars in the great beyond, learn to dance the Time Warp and sing songs from classic tales like The Addams Family and Phantom of the Opera. The truly unforgettable tour visits some of NYC’s most legendary haunted theaters. For more information, call 646-246-5844.

Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour
Discover hidden places where paranormal activity has taken place in New York’s Greenwich Village, including buildings that have reported ghost sightings, former murder scenes and forgotten burial grounds. This blood curdling walking tour will make you wonder about the ghastly history that lies behind the streets you walk on… Even after it’s over! All stories based on true events. Advanced booking strongly encouraged. For more information, call 917-409-8533.

Haunted Brooklyn Heights
This terrifying tour meets at the northwest corner of Court Street and Pacific Street, taking the curious on a hair-raising descent into the dark underbelly of New York’s historic Brooklyn neighborhood. Hear chilling tales of hauntings and explore other dark visitations among the neighborhood’s seemingly-charming brownstones, venture past the “Gate to Hell” and check out the home of horror master H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote classics like Necronomicon and The Dunwich Horror.

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