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Spa Castle Premier 57

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Spa Castle Premier 57

Published Sep 10, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

by Sasha Dimitrijevic

In the very heart of the hectic and overflowing island of Manhattan there is a place offering relaxation and extreme serenity! Being a person in constant quest for leisure occasions, I recently stumbled upon a new discovery…Spa Castle Premier 57. It was interesting to me how in the very heart of the hectic and overflowing island of Manhattan there is a place offering such relaxation and extreme serenity!

I must start by describing the luxurious interior, where the décor of rooms differs in respect to the various services offered. The highlights would most definitely be the two pools; the indoor one comes with separated massaging areas offering variety of hydrotherapy methods and a Jacuzzi. The outdoor pool is actually on a rooftop overlooking the city, providing an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional view of Lexington Avenue while relaxing in a hot tub with a cocktail in your hand.

To make this experience even more luxurious, the immersion of water into the glass and marble surroundings provides a feel of a modern day Turkish bath. Rainfall showers as well as adjustable handles are throughout the facility. The many bath tubs with different water temperatures and multiple showerheads are one of my personal favorites. Saunas and steam rooms are immaculately clean, and the only occasional audible sound is water.

A most definite cherry on top would be a relaxing massage with aromatic oils and scents of your choosing, Hence all of this pampering made me feel like an actual Sultana in a Harem!

The ambience brings to life an atmosphere which a lot of city residents would consider obsolete. It is perfect for New York’s never ending heat waves, which combined with all of the concrete feels like a sauna itself! But it is also extremely convenient in the chilly winter gloominess where you want nothing but some heat, a hot beverage (Irish coffee preferably) and a hot tub.

Be it as it may, I think I’ve found a way to start my Indian Summer in style


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