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Marc Joseph Salon

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Marc Joseph Salon

Published Aug 12, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

by Sasha Dimitrijevic

For a city as busy and hectic as New York time is a privilege and stress is an essential component of the day! Along with coffee on the run and subway delays it is many times difficult to find a comfy place to enjoy and have some time for yourself.

A Manhattan Secret

Luckily, spots of this sort are not a myth just yet. I have recently visited Mark Joseph's Salon & Spa and it was such an incredibly pleasant experience.

This Aveda certified, Broadway overlooking salon features a beautifully decorated interior with carefully crafted details all throughout. The first thing that catches your eye is the Venetian like ceiling which gives a vintage note to a modern setting.

The entire staff is extremely welcoming and they provide a very home-like atmosphere. All of the artists working are very friendly, communicative and informative about each treatment.

I would definitely recommend Marc Joseph Salon & Spa as one of the secrets of Manhattan for any beauty treatments from hair and nails to facial care.

Not only would you be in the hands of professionals, treated with high quality products, you would also be a part of their family!

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