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A New View of the City

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A New View of the City

Published Aug 7, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

The grandest new edition to New York City’s skyline is unquestionably One World Trade Center. Better know as the “Freedom Tower, “ One World is already an iconic and instantly recognizable landmark in Lower Manhattan. One World is the largest building in the US and the entire Western Hemisphere towering at 1,776 feet.

Having opened in November 2014, One World Center is a statement to rebuilding and standing tall. As Barack Obama inscribed on a steel beam that was hoisted to the top of the tower “We Remember, We Rebuild, We Come Back Stronger.”

The One World Observatory, located at the top of One World Trade Center offers the most breathtaking views of
New York City and the surrounding area. In addition to the fabulous views, several multi media and interactive exhibits enhance every visit.

Your journey to the top starts with a 45 second ride to the 102nd floor in one of the Sky Pod Elevators. During the quick ride up, visitors experience a time lapse video demonstrating the changes to the landscape from Manhattan’s earliest settlers, as seen from the view atop the tower, climaxing with the current view.

Upon reaching the observatory, you’ll experience a two minute video in the See Forever Theater which contains
birds eye imagery and time lapse photos edited together to replicate the rhythm and pulse of New York City life.

As you take in the breathtaking views, multi media presentations such as Voices and Foundations can be experienced. This video tells the personal stories of the men and women who helped build the tower. Guests also enjoy the City Pulse which is an interactive city skyline featuring various landmarks and neighborhoods throughout the city and encourages users to connect closely to the featured destinations.

The Sky Portal delivers unforgettable real time scenes form the streets below on a 14 foot wide circular screen in the floor of the observatory.

Of course no trip to the One World observatory is complete without some take home souvenir of the experience and the Gallery at One World provides plenty of high quality choices.

If you’re inclined to “Dine at the Top of the World’” the onsite restaurant, ONE, offers three options for your consideration all with spectacular views and food to match on the 101st Floor.

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to One World Observatory. The creators have gone above and beyond to ensure that your visit is exciting and unforgettable.

For more information please visit: oneworldobservatory.com

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