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Relax and Unwind

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Relax and Unwind

Published Jul 26, 2016
Updated Dec 6, 2017

Life in Manhattan certainly moves quickly by anyone’s standards. However, everyone needs an occasional break from the pace and, as you’d expect, NYC is home to some of the most luxurious, comfortable and trend-setting spas and salons in the world. You’ll find the most current and highest quality services available and can go home ahead of your local style curve!

New York City’s spas and salons incorporate luxurious designs and materials to enhance every experience as they cater to some of the most demanding clientele in the world and competition is very intense. Various elements including exotic salts, oils, sand, quartz and cozy linens can be combined with expert spa techniques for an experience to exhilarate the senses.

The city’s salons regularly service celebrity types as well as high level executives and prominent residents. Be assured that you’ll be treated like a star as well and pampered in ways you would not have imagined.

Many of the city’s spas and salons find creative ways to incorporate various worldly cultures and environments to enhance your experience and the perception of escaping into other worlds. Spa Castle Premier 57 is more like a Manhattan East meets West Spa Oasis. Culturally infused with traditional and modern offerings, Premier 57 focuses on providing a world-class wellness facility, with luxury spa treatments as just one of the many experience enhancements. Indulge in the European hyper-customized Beauty Spa, then unwind by soaking in the Roman-inspired Water Lounge and be exhilarated with the German-style hydrotherapy Bade Pool.

With three floors to enjoy, Premier 57 is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Focused on heat therapy and hydrotherapy, Premier 57 specializes in providing opulent water-based facilities, along with a collection of uniquely themed sauna rooms. First class spa and body treatments along with savory snacks and beverages only enhance the Premier Spa Castle Premier 57 experience. Where else would you find year-round, open-air, rooftop hydrotherapy pools? Considering New York’s hectic pace, many spas offer short but sweet variations of their services to accommodate those in need of a break without the time to allow for a full service visit. Massages of shorter lengths and blowouts are examples of services that can now be squeezed into an overly busy day.

Spa and salon services are not just for women. Most salons, including Salon Ziba and Marc Joseph Salon, offer waxing, facials and various skin treatments for men and women. Facials have become very popular among men and you’ll regularly see men receiving manicures and pedicures.

With three convenient Manhattan locations Salon Ziba offers the most contemporary hair styling services. Whether you need a blowout for a last minute excursion or a full cut and style, the professionals at Salon Ziba are among the best in the city. Their international team of stylists specialize in all hair types to accommodate a diverse clientele, including models and entertainers.

Their salons are a welcoming oasis providing a personalized, well-priced hair and spa experience. The Marc Joseph Salon offers a full range of services, allowing you to only have to make one stop for all of your spa and beauty needs. A soothing atmosphere awaits you as their professional and service oriented staff provides you with a personalized treatment, helping you look and feel your best. The staff at Marc Joseph have extensive experience working on photo shoots, movie sets, and fashion shows and utilize this experience with every client’s visit.

Services offered include haircuts and styling, highlights, color, perms, keratin treatments, Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian conditioning treatments, extensions, weaves, manicures, pedicures, full body waxing for men and women, facial waxing, and laser hair removal. Marc Joseph is an Aveda Concept Salon.

For those wanting a deeper mind body experience, Exhale offers a series of classes and spa therapies designed to keep your mind and body aligned and relaxed.

Exhale believes transformation begins from the inside out. Through a balanced combination of results-oriented spa therapies (massages, facials, acupuncture, nails, waxing) and high-quality fitness classes (barre, cardio, yoga, HIIT), Exhale provides their clients with the pathway to a stronger, healthier, better lifestyle. Exhale offers six convenient locations in Manhattan and their boutiques are incredibly peaceful. New treatments and improvements on standard procedures are being implemented regularly. Be assured that in NYC, you’ll be experiencing the best and most modern facilities, services and instruction available anywhere in the world. Your comfort and satisfaction are a priority at these and many other salons throughout the city.

It’s amazing, when you enter a spa in the city, how far you can seem from the action in the streets. An occasional break is good for the body, mind and soul and can provide a much-needed reset after a long day in the city. Take a moment while you’re here and visit one of these trendsetting New York spas or salons. It will be an experience you’ll not soon forget and a highlight of your visit. Find a favorite and you can schedule ahead for your next visit!

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