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The Wine Rack
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The Wine Rack
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2632 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 721-9148

The Wine Rack in Louisville is dedicated to providing a broad and compelling selection of high QPR (Quality to Price Ratio) wines from the world’s premier wine regions. Whether value or premium, wines are selected personally based on how they stack up against their peers.

The Wine Rack uses a “barbell” approach to wine selection with reliable favorites on one end, and esoteric gems on the other. This strategy gives customers a proper balance of familiarity and stimulation amongst the bottles!

Wines are hand selected by owner/sommelier, John H. Johnson, with a high degree of emphasis put on maximizing value. There are so many wines on the market, that it’s easy for wine drinkers to become overwhelmed. We act as a screening device, to help sort out the vast world of wine for you.

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