Heart And Soy in Louisville Kentucky - Upscale Contemporary in Louisville

Heart And Soy / Roots
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1216 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 452-6678

While each restaurant is independent from the other in menu and atmosphere, they share the common values of vegetarianism, health and community awareness.

Roots is the answer to Louisville’s current lack of upscale vegetarian dining. While providing delicious meals to their customers they remain mindful of the impact on the environment, community and the health of patrons. They act with compassion for our fellow creatures and community by choosing vegetarian ingredients. The menu includes tapas-style portion sizes of creative, yet simple, upscale vegetarian cuisine.

While Roots is more for traditional, sit-down dining, Heart & Soy provides fast and casual vegetarian food inspired by Asian street food. Customers can order traditional dishes such as Pad Thai, Korean Rice Bowl, Egg Noodle Lo Mein and steamed buns, all reminiscent of food vendors set in cities like Seoul, Saigon, Beijing and Tai Pei. All of our food can be ordered for dine-in or carry-out.

Heart & Soy houses Kentucky’s only tofu manufacturing machine, specifically designed for the needs here in Louisville. This incredible machine is set up in a glass enclosed room where customers can view the tofu and soymilk being produced right before their eyes. All of the tofu and soymilk products are available for sale along with a wide array of vegan desserts and beverages in their retail case. Dine-in or take-away because “we are what we eat!”

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