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Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Bourbon Trail
Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Each iconic Kentucky bourbon brand - from Four Roses to Evan Williams and all the others in between - offers tours of the facilities and distilling operations. You’ll find these to be beautiful, sprawling properties located literally along the scenic backroads of Kentucky. Although many visitors opt to drive the trail, some also choose to experience it by bicycle. Either way, you're sure to get a real glimpse into local history and see why Kentucky is the official center of everything related to bourbon whiskey!

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The Kentucky bourbon distillery tours are very educational and you’ll find it fascinating to see how each distillery has developed and perfected their own recipe and interpretation of the bourbon formula. Bourbon making is truly a craft that is handed down by generations and every small variation creates a new flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail also provides an official passport for visitors. This passport contains maps, listings and descriptions for each of the stops along the way and will assist you in navigating the trail.

Official Trail Heads for The Kentucky Bourbon Trail can be found in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, approximately 20 miles south of Louisville in Bullitt County, as well as Lebanon, Bardstown and Louisville.

Member distilleries include: Angel's Envy, the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Four Roses Bourbon, the Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center, Jim Beam, Maker's MarkTown Branch Bourbon, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve Distillery. Come on down and decide which is your favorite!

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